Leica X Vario review

Our verdict

For the discerning photographer (with deep pockets) the Leica X Vario produces good image quality from a small, lightweight body.

Initially it is hard not to be frustrated by the relatively small maximum aperture of the camera's fixed zoom lens, especially when many of its comeptitors have fixed f/2 lenses or larger. However, the camera handles very well and produces great images, and for most types of photography that the Leica X Vario will be used for the f/3.5-6.4 aperture shouldn't be an issue. Overall, the Leica X Vario is an enjoyable camera to use, but it does come at a very high premium.

Leica X Vario - Key features


The Leica X Vario has a hotshoe that is compatible with the Leica SF 24D flash unit.

Accessory socket
Below the hotshoe is a port that allows the Leica EVF 2 electronic viewfinder to be inserted. This EVF has a 1.4-million-pixel resolution.

Built-in flash
The Leica X Vario's pop-up flash is released via a sliding latch on the rear of the camera. It has a guide number of 5m @ ISO 100.

Behind the door on the side of the camera is a mini USB 2.0 socket and an HDMI socket.

Image: The Leica X Vario is small enough for discreet documentary photography