Samsung EX2F review

White balance and colour

I suspect that many photographers will keep the camera in its auto white balance setting, and most of the time this will be fine. Overall, the AWB is a little cool, but this is only really noticeable when directly compared with the preset or a custom reading. The difference in sunny conditions is subtle, while the overcast preset goes too far the other way with an overly warm rendition. As with any camera, it is best to use a custom WB setting, which here is quickly achieved by selecting the option and pressing the shutter for a measurement.

Interestingly, the camera does not have a colour mode menu, so a vivid or neutral colour rendition is achieved by changing the saturation in the image adjustments menu. In Samsung's compact system cameras the Picture Wizard is used for colour modes. By creating a vivid setting, reds in particular are too bold to be ‘real'. Without adjusting the saturation, I find the colour rendition is punchy and believable.