Leica X2 review


The Leica X2's metering system is fairly traditional. Its evaluative metering is called smart multizone metering, and on the whole it works well. On a few occasions I added 1⁄3EV to some exposures. This was usually in slightly overcast weather, where the bright sky caused the main subject of the image to be backlit and, as a result, a little underexposed. Of course, this tendency to underexpose in such conditions is a characteristic common to most metering systems, and it is easy enough to dial in the compensation. However, I would have preferred a dedicated control dial, rather than requiring a button press first. This would make the X2 feel even more like using a film camera, and a dial could have been added to the lens barrel, which, although bevelled, currently does not rotate and serves no function. Centreweighted and spot metering are also available.