Amateur Photographer 29 October is a JPEG Special, with 50+ tips for shooting JPEG, how to get great-looking images straight out of the camera and the top brands for JPEG.…

An American photographer and his impressive shot of an endangered Bornean orangutan high above the Indonesian rainforest has beaten almost 50,000 entries to be crowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Architecture may be everywhere but with a little imagination, it can provide some amazing images. Lee Frost give his advice on getting creative with architecture photography

Sometimes DSLR autofocus systems need a little nudging to ensure the subject stays sharp. Angela Nicholson explains all you need to know about how to adjust autofocus on your camera

Amateur Photographer Cover 22 October 2016

In AP 22 October, we provide creative ideas for projects to do at home, from photographing water droplets to using a scanner as a camera. We also explain how to…

Shooting time-lapses has got a lot easier with today’s DSLRs. Top practitioner and author Mark Higgins shares some essential tips and techniques

Amateur Photographer Cover 15 October 2016

AP 15 October covers all you need to know about shooting in low light. Also, the owner of a De Vere Long Tom tells us about this camera built specially…