Hollie Latham Hucker Bokehrama

If you have a passion for portraits, you should try your hand at shooting a ‘Bokehrama’ for unusual results. In today's Quick Tips, we look at getting stitching shots together…

Two travel compacts square off in the battle of the superzooms - but which will you be packing for your holiday?

Amateur Photographer cover April 29 2017 for web

In Amateur Photographer 29 April 2017 we bust a few myths that still persist about mirrorless CSCs, as they’re now as good as DSLRs and indeed offer many advantages. We…

AP speaks to Keith Wilson, the editor of Remembering Elephants and Remember Rhinos, about the importance of photography when it comes to highlighting conservational issues

Wex has announced its second London Lens Show, with the biggest and best of the photographic and pro-video industries - and AP will be there

Reng Hang cover

In February, Chinese photographer Ren Hang, at just 29, took his own life. His battle with depression was well documented, more often than not by the photographer himself, as his…

John McMurtrie Iron Maiden onstage in Mexico City

Music photographer John McMurtrie discusses how he’s able to shoot gigs in low-light conditions