Amateur Photographer Jun 24 2017 cover for web

In Amateur Photographer 24 June 2017 we’ve got an in-depth guide to continuous AF and action photography. We also test Samyang's impressive first autofocus lens, we explain how to light…

Pentax camera

What if you could get even more out of your Pentax camera? Matt Golowczynski is your expert guide to realising its potential

We take a look at what you should be packing when heading out for a wildlife photography shoot to help you get the best shots possible.

Panasonic customisation secrets

Panasonic has gone to great lengths to make its Lumix models customisable, says Matt Golowczynski. You can now improve AF selection, zooming, and so much more

Father’s Day is almost upon us. If you’ve got a photography-loving dad, think about getting him a present based around his favourite hobby. If you’re stuck as to what to buy, take a look…

Amateur Photographer cover June 17 2017

In Amateur Photographer 17 June 2017 we show you how to get the best from your composition. Also a guide to the free Google Nik collection software and a chance…

In the past three years, film sales have been on the rise, making it the perfect time for AP to visit Harman Technology - home of Ilford Photo