Amateur Photographer cover April 22 2017 for web

In Amateur Photographer 22 April 2017 we reveal some expert tips on photographing dogs. We also announce our unique poll to find the best album photography, while Michael Topham reviews…

Nancy Borowick The Family Imprint front cover

In 2013, Howie and Laurel Borowick were undergoing parallel treatments for stage-four cancer. Howie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Witnessing all this…

Fujifilm 23mm f/2 R WR XF review

Is the smaller and lighter 23mm f/2R WR XF a match for the older but faster 23mm f/1.4 XF R? Michael Topham finds out

Nikon custom menu secrets - Movie record button

In part 2 of our guide on customising your camera, Matt Golowczynski unveils more tips and tricks that could teach you how to customise Nikon DSLR menus

Matt Golowczynski looks at how to customise Nikon menus so you can get your exposures spot on, speed up autofocus, and boost battery life on your DSLR

As part of its long-term expansion process, the Victoria and Albert Museum has unveiled plans to launch a new Photography Centre to hold its large collection