In Amateur Photographer 9 September 2017 find out where to get great landscape shots without the need for an epic hike. Plus the winning entries from EISA’s Maestro contest and…

Lens mount adapters

Lens mount adapters allow you to use alternative lenses on your camera. Andy Westlake takes a look at the various options available

Luma Power light meter on phone

Andrew Sydenham tests Lumu’s new exposure, ash and colour temperature meter for the iPhone and iPad

Autumn waders black-tailed godwit

In autumn many species of waders head south and settle around the UK coastline. Oscar Dewhurst explains how best to capture them

Each week we like to highlight some of our favourite topical press photography images of the week as captured by Press Association photographers. Top Press Photography            

Rescue tips

Knowing what to do when the unthinkable happens can save your sanity as well as your images and kit. Angela Nicholson has tips to guide you back from the brink…

The influence of Tony Ray-Jones's groundbreaking street photographs has increased in the four decades since his death. David Clark looks at the life and work of the British photographer

The Lake District

Sadly the summer is almost on its way out, but that doesn’t mean we have to pack our cameras away. The Autumn may not have the heat, but it certainly…

In Amateur Photographer 2 September 2017 we guide you through the process of buying and using the best second-hand kit. Plus how mount adapters allow you to use different lenses…