The art and development of photography and camera technology is surrounded by many fascinating stories, some truer than others, but all serving to feed the mystique of the imaging practise.…

Portrait captured with Zeiss 135mm f2.8

Not sure what you need to pack in your kit bag for photographing portraits? Have a look at our guide to the best kit for portrait photography.

In Amateur Photographer 9 September 2017 find out where to get great landscape shots without the need for an epic hike. Plus the winning entries from EISA’s Maestro contest and…

Lens mount adapters

Lens mount adapters allow you to use alternative lenses on your camera. Andy Westlake takes a look at the various options available

Luma Power light meter on phone

Andrew Sydenham tests Lumu’s new exposure, ash and colour temperature meter for the iPhone and iPad

Autumn waders black-tailed godwit

In autumn many species of waders head south and settle around the UK coastline. Oscar Dewhurst explains how best to capture them