Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest weekly photographic magazine, established in 1884. It is the respected authority for news and reviews, with detailed tests and investigations on the latest equipment. The weekly contents includes interviews and columns from many of the world’s leading photographers and practical technique to inspire and enthuse the devoted readership, to whom taking photos is far more than just a hobby.

Contributors include professional nature photographer Andy Rouse, renowned photographer Heather Angel, classic camera expert Ivor Matanle, and photographic author Roger Hicks, among many others – while the alumni includes the likes of David Bailey and Bob Carlos Clarke.

Whether online or in print, Amateur Photographer is essential reading for those interested in buying photographic equipment or wanting advice about improving their picture taking.

home printing

The type and number of inks, and what you lay them on, can have a massive effect on photo-printing quality. Matthew Richards shows you how to make your images look…

London Nights exhibition

In a major exhibition, London Nights, the Museum of London takes a tour of London under the silver gloom of moonlight and neon billboards, as Oliver Atwell discovers

Amateur Photographer 26 May 2018 Cover

In AP 26 May, James Abbott reveals how to use focus stacking to achieve front-to-back sharpness. Plus, we test the Lumix DC-TZ200 and Google Pixel 2

Amateur Photographer 19 May 2018 cover for web

In Amateur Photographer 19 May, our Portrait Special, we help you improve your people shots, covering subjects from kids to travel shots to fashion models, plus posing and editing tips.…

With modern LED lighting it's easier than ever to create classic lighting set-ups for portraiture. Check out our behind-the-scenes video with portrait pro James Paterson, to see how it's done

Photography rules shoot at midday

Rules help us take better pictures, but blind devotion can result in clichéd pictures. James Paterson suggests a few ways to break free

Amateur Photographer 12 May 2018 Cover

In AP 12 May, Damien Demolder reveals why he prefers mirrorless systems for street photography. Plus we test the Fujifilm X-A5 and Yongnuo YN 50mm F1.8

As the world’s leading photographic charity, The Royal Photographic Society offers its members (and non-members) a unique opportunity to further their knowledge and fine-tune their work by applying for a…

The brightness level of Here the AEOS was used as a front fill and the output matched to the brightness of the light outside

  Location Hotels are great locations to shoot boudoir, but look for somewhere that gives you more creative options than just whitewashed walls and white linen. I like to use…