We've seen a fair few new releases from Sigma at Photokina, including two new 150-600mm f/5-6.3 lenses, the new dp1 Quattro, an 18-300mm lens for APS-C and a couple of teleconverters. Here's a closer look at what's coming up


    Thoughts on the 150- 600 HSM sport

    You have to admire Sigma here, and early signs are pretty

    To buy a 600mm (ish) lens which produces a good image (at
    the long end) for reasonable money, is a tall order.

    Lenses are available from Canon (and Nikon) but you are
    talking the cost of a small car.(200-400mm 1.4 TC inbuilt or not)

    I had one of the 150 500mm HSM DG lenses but at the long end it was pretty
    poor (usable at f11).

    I then brought a Canon 100 400 USM L (ish) better but lacked
    that sharp detail at the long end (good at f11).

    (Disciples can have a moan at the bottom)

    I then brought the 70 300 USM L and the 400mm USM L5.6 prime I now use both lenses wide open an never worry about Sharpness, as it’s always very good.
    (Fixed prime is a bit limiting though)

    To me unless you can use a long lens wide open it a
    pointless exercise.

    The other argument used that is used is it’s too heavy at
    2.8KGs. However any quality 600mm lens is heavy it as needs more elements to
    produce good image quality.

    There seems to be a current fashion to bye a weenie light
    weight CSC camera equipment.

    But most fit healthy people can easily carry 10kgs (with
    suitable equipments) so what’s the problem. (a fair few people are that much

    I am looking forward to trying this lens on the 7D mark 2 I
    expect this will be a killer combination