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Reach - Gary Ong
Photo by Gary Ong
Published in AP dated 19 July 2014

We feature a selection of your best pictures in Reader Portfolio every week

The two Reader Portfolio winners chosen every week will receive a SmugMug Power account, worth £35 each, on which to host their images. SmugMug is the world's leading independent cloud-based photo website for a new generation of photographers. SmugMug Power account gives you a fully hosted, customisable website where you will receive unlimited photo uploads and gorgeous full-screen galleries.

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Submitting your pictures
If you are sending a CD of high-res images, transparencies or slides by post, you will need to fill in a >submission form< and also include a contact sheet. Please don't forget to include a telephone number, address and email address so we can contact you. Submissions should contain no more than 20 images, preferably on a similar theme.

  • Email a selection of low-res images (up to 5MB of attachments in total) to the AP picture desk email
  • CD/DVD Send us a disc of high-resolution JPEG, TIFF or PSD images (at least 2480 pixels along its longest length), with a contact sheet 
  • Via our online communities Post your pictures into our Flickr group, Facebook page or the folder called Reader gallery on our website
  • Transparencies/prints Well-packaged prints or slides (without glass mounts) should be sent by Special Delivery, with a return SAE

Please send postal submissions to:

AP Picture Desk
Amateur Photographer
IPC Media, Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street

Tel 020 3148 4121/4138

And finally.. Every week, the published images will appear on the Reader Portfolio webpage with a link to the reader's website (if relevant) and the Readers Portfolio Album. So, with more ways to send your pictures to us and the chance for exposure not only in the magazine but also on the AP website, what are you waiting for? Send us your images!

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