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Back Issues of Amateur Photographer

We have most back issues of Amateur Photographer available, going back to 2009 (printed version).

Please send a cheque for £3.50 (UK) (per issue) and £4.50 (overseas) made payable to IPC Media and post to the address below stating the issue(s) you require (magazines are on sale on Tuesdays but dated the following Saturday).  Please remember to include your own name and address.

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 12 July 2014

 29 March 2014                  16 Nov 2013                    

  26 Oct 2013                      14 Sept 2013


                                           29 June 2013
 available to download       available to download
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  1 June 2013

 27 April 2013                       16 March 2013

1 Sept 2012                           27 Oct 2012

26 May 2012                         10 March 2012



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