Amateur Photographer 22-29 December 2012

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APOY 2012 - The Final Round
Find out who won the Samsung and Jessops prizes in round 10 and who is Amateur Photographer of the Year 2012

AP cover 22 Dec 12

News Review of the Year
Chris Cheesman looks back at an action-packed 2012, including the technical trends, the trials and tribulations, the year in numbers, award winners and what we might expect to see in 2013

The latest books, exhibitions and websites

Win one of 3 Nikon 1 J2 cameras
To enter our competition, upload images of your interpretation of the festive season and you could win one of three Nikon 1 J2 cameras

AP Crossword and Quiz
Had your fill of mince pies? Here's just the sort of challenge you'll appreciate - one you can do sitting down

The Final Frame
Now is the time to extend the idea of 'goodwill to men' to camera-club members around the world, says Roger Hicks

Photo Insight
Cathal McNaughton tells the story behind an image of a man who has lived in a house without electricity for 29 years

Christmas Projects
If all the festivities prove too much, we have five photographic projects that you can try out this Christmas, including painting with light, one-colour collage and multiple exposure

Looking Back at Kodak
AP's technical team looks at how the iconic brand Kodak has evolved over its lifetime to meet the needs of photographers

Ask AP
Our experts answer your questions

Future Proof
What does 2013 hold for the photographic industry? Richard Sibley looks at 2012's innovations and what 2013 may bring

AP readers speak out on the week's issues

AP reader Melvyn Dover reminds us all not to forget to use our cameras to record our memories of Christmas

APOY 2012 - The Final Round
Find out who won the Samsung and Jessops prizes in round 10 and who is Amateur Photographer of the Year 2012

Persistence Pays Off
After finishing second and fifth in the past two APOY competitions, Dan Deakin convincingly emerges as the winner of APOY 2012. He talks to Jon Stapley

Forum Winners
The winning images from AP's monthly forum competition

Truth be Told
Andrew Testa has photographed in some of the most dangerous parts of the world documenting human strife, struggle and conflict. He talks to Gemma Padley

AP's Expert Guide to.... Winter Abstracts
Doug Chinnery shows how, with just a few items and a bit of imagination, anyone can make the most of the cold months by creating stunning seasonal abstracts

The Stuff of Dreams
Tim Walker is one of today's most exciting and influential fashion photographers. Oliver Atwell takes a stroll through his latest exhibition

Icons of Photography
It is scratched, battered and faded in places, but Louis Daguerre's 'Boulevard du Temple' picture of 1838 contains the first known image of a person, writes David Clark

Why Collectors Collect
Photographers collect camera kit for many reasons. Ivor Matanle looks at some of the most popular collecting groups