A 500mm f/8 Zeiss lens that was used on an Apollo moon mission in 1971 has fetched around £315,000 at auction.

3356073_5.lowThe Zeiss Tele-Tessar was used to take almost 300 photos of the lunar surface, as well as to capture images in orbit.

The 1ft/30cm-long lens was specially adapted to include rotational segments in the centre so that focus and aperture could be controlled using the pressurised gloves of a spacesuit worn by astronaut Dave Scott.

‘After the mission, Scott received the lens from NASA as a memento and it has been in his personal collection since that time,’ said a spokesman for RR Auction, which is based in Boston, USA.

The auction house added: ‘The lens is one of the largest pieces of space hardware used on the lunar surface to have ever been sold at auction.’

Attached to a Hasselblad camera, the 500mm f/8 Zeiss Tele-Tessar lens was used on four missions to the lunar surface.

  • Worldlyfigure

    For the record, NASA knew from the beginning that no spacecraft with on humans on board can survive the Van Allen radiation belt . If I’m talking nonsense, ok, I’ll send you to the Fukushima nuclear power plant and enter the heavily ruptured core, let see if you comeback alive. With Fukushima, they sent machines to try and do the job, but were destroyed.
    Please go and do your homework and you will see that the real facts.

  • Amateur One

    If you must go public with this nonsense, I suppose you must; but couldn’t you please find a more appropriate outlet?

  • Worldlyfigure

    The Apollo missions were a complete hoax. If they went to the moon, why didn’t the Russians go there?, is because to get there, you have had to go through the “Van Allen radiation belt”, that surrounds earth. To this day, that problem have not been solved.