The UKu2019s digital camera market fell 10% in value from January to August compared to the same eight months the previous year, new figures reveal.

‘2012 is a challenging year for the imaging sector,’ reports GFK Retail and Technology UK in its latest newsletter.

‘The total value of the digital camera market was down 10% in value and 16% in units…’

Compact cameras continued to take the biggest hit, with sales of models featuring a zoom of less than 10x plunging 36% in revenue terms.

However, the demand for ‘superzoom’ compacts rose nearly 50% over the same period, compared to 2011.

DSLR sales remained flat over the period, according to GfK.

  • lgm

    I have enough good and very good cameras in my house to last me until reincarnation. It is very difficult to see how any new model will justify the cost of upgrading.

    My guess is that the not so good cameras will continue to improve and that will be where the main market is. The success of super zoom sales certainly supports this idea.