This is the photograph of a regular potato that sold for a somewhat less-than-ordinary €1m.

[Photo credit: © Kevin Abosch]

Potato #345 was captured by portrait photographer Kevin Abosch, who revealed that the print has been sold to a businessman for the equivalent of around £760,000.

The deal emerged over dinner with the unnamed client last year.

Abosch told yesterday’s Sunday Times: ‘It’s not the first time that someone has bought the art right off my wall.

‘We had two glasses of wine and he said: “I really like that.”

‘Two more glasses of wine and he said: “I really want that”.’

The Dublin-based photographer told the paper that the potato had been delivered to his home with a batch of organic vegetables.

  • Ian Macfadyen

    I’m working on the definitive image of a carrot, if anyone would like to buy it?

  • entoman

    Proves that some people have more money than sense! Send this guy to me – I’ve got an old banana skin that I’ll let him have for 10 million quid – a real bargain!