Sony remains focused on expanding the E-mount lens range for its Alpha 7-series of compact system cameras

The new Sony Alpha 7 SII

When asked about the priorities for the Sony Alpha 7 range, Yoshiyuki Nogami, senior general manager of the marketing division at Sony’s Digital Imaging Business Group, said: ‘Lens line-up expansion is very important and it is a must for Sony to do so.’

However, Nogami said Sony was not in a position to comment on future products.

Nogami was speaking to Amateur Photographer (AP) deputy editor Richard Sibley at the IBC broadcast technology show in Amsterdam, Netherlands last week.

At the show Sony unveiled the Alpha 7 SII – a 4K, full-frame camera boasting an ISO of up to ‘409,600’, enhanced AF and 5-axis image stabilisation. Sony also upgraded the AF to offer 169 AF-points – for ‘fast, precise focusing with greater accuracy’.

The Alpha 7S II is due out in November, priced around £2,500.

Last year, Sony said it planned to expand the FE lens line-up to 20 in 2016.

In an interview with AP at Photokina 2014, Sony also outlined plans to shake off what it claimed was a general perception that compact system cameras are ‘inferior’ to DSLRs.

The firm pledged to continue developing new technology and lenses in a bid to tempt photographers away from their established Canon and Nikon systems.

  • entoman

    I totally agree with everything you say. I use Canon because it is best for my personal usage but as I’ve stated many times in previous posts, I’m the first to acknowledge that Nikon and Sony also make excellent cameras that may be more suitable for other people, or for other types of photography.

    The reason for my post is simply to encourage Sony to make even better cameras by improving the ergonomics, which the majority of users and reviewers regard as noticeably inferior to Nikon and Canon. Also my post was to highlight the shortage of specialist lenses and flash systems, and to point out that if Sony incorporated the suggestions I have made, they would increase sales.

  • David Cuerpo Jr

    If you want a bigger camera body with elaborate proprietary flash systems then stick with your Canon. Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Sony all make great cameras. Choose the camera system that best suits your needs.

    As for the A7s and now the mk2, it offers superior dynamic range and low light capability for both photography and videography compared to a comparably priced camera from Canon or Nikon. I shoot in situations where flash or artificial light is often not allowed hence why I made the switch to Sony.

  • entoman

    you’re dreaming…

  • ms

    errr… they’re eating Nikon and Canon’s lunch b/c they aren’t listening to them… more lenses/accessories are needed, but bigger and bulkier bodies?… no thanks, the larger grips on the new VII cameras are just fine.

  • entoman

    I can’t see any way that Sony would tempt me away from Canon. Sony need a much more complete lens system including tilt-shift, additional macros, wide-aperture long tele primes etc. They also need to offer a selection of wireless ring flashes, twin macro flashes etc. Most importantly they need to change the design of their cameras, making the bodies bigger and easier to hold and with widely spaced controls. I don’t see any of this happening for at least another 5 years. Meanwhile Canon have 5DsR, 1Dx, 5DMkiii, 7DMkii, D70 all of which are superb cameras, and 6DMKii, 5DMKiv, D80 about to hit the market. Nikon offer a similarly large and excellent system. Sony, your time has not yet come, but listen to Canon and Nikon users, and you’ll get there.