Sigma has released further details of the 35mm f/1.4 lens it unveiled at photokina.

Sigma has confirmed that the 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM will carry a UK price of £799.99.

Canon and Sigma-fit versions are due to go on sale within a fortnight, with Nikon, Sony and Pentax to follow soon after, according to Sigma UK.

The 13-elements-in-11-groups lens incorporates a Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM), and includes full-time manual focus override via the focusing ring.

The newcomer weighs 665g.

  • Astrit

    Best lenses for are Zeiss and Nikkor. The reaosn why people use Nikon is for the Nikkor lenses.If you want to go for 3rd party lenses, I prefer Sigma. They are superior to similar Tamron lenses usually. (check for comparison between similar models of 70-300 zooms or wide-angle prime lenses). When you buy lens for D60, make sure they are either DG or DC.Tamron is more easily available in Eastern Europe than Sigma and that may be one of the main reaosns for its popularity in that part. Apart from this region, I have always seen Sigma being preferred over Tamron.Another lens maker to see is Tokina. Their wideangle lenses are very sharp (e.g- 11-16mm).The final word of wisdom: In case of lenses, what you pay for is what you get.(With D60, if you need autofocus, you’ll have to find lenses with motor inside them)References :

  • Dick

    No version for Nikon then