Samsung will neither confirm nor deny it has stopped making cameras following a tweet posted by Samsung India that suggests it may have officially pulled the plug.

Amateur Photographer sought comment from Samsung’s UK office following a message posted on Twitter by Samsung India last month.

In the tweet, a would-be customer called Akanksha Redhu asked for help in finding a Samsung camera.

In response, Samsung India replies: ‘We would like to inform you the (sic) we have officially discontinued manufacturing of Camera’.

Samsung India then urges the customer to explore its range of other products and accessories.

Asked to comment on the development, a spokesperson for Samsung’s UK office said that the company has ‘nothing further to share at this stage’, beyond what it has previously stated.

Last month, Samsung’s UK office said the company was unable to comment on which countries had stopped the sales and distribution of cameras and/or camcorders, adding that ‘it’s up to each individual market’.


Speculation has been rife since the end of last year when Samsung revealed plans to pull out of the camera and camcorder markets in the UK and Germany.

And Samsung cameras were notable by their absence at the CES technology fest in Las Vegas, USA in January.

In November 2015, Samsung said it planned to phase out sales and marketing of digital cameras and camcorders in the UK due to a fall in demand.

The news followed reports that Samsung planned to discontinue the NX1 in Europe.

It is now more than a year since the South Korean giant announced an NX camera.

Samsung NX500

  • yugi

    I also will not buy ANY Samsung product in my life, and would recommend everybody no to buy Samsung products. I already started phasing out all of my Samsung products. The first one to go was a cellphone. I replaced it with Panasonic. I will also replace my camera with Olympus or Panasonic, microwave and TV with some other manufacturer.
    I also sold one of my older Samsung NX20 body with a lens on ebay. My house will be clear of Samsung brand pretty soon.

  • Kim Check

    I agree! What a shame Samsung ends it like this. I hope someone wakes up before the whole company is being ditched, because someone discontinued to manage it.

  • entoman

    Now there’s a surprise!

    What can you say about a manufacturer that launches a stunning camera (NX-1) and tells its buyers that it will provide a full system of lenses and accessories, then on a whim pulls out of the camera market altogether a few months later, leaving the user with no lens system and no upgrade path?

    I certainly wouldn’t consider buying ANY Samsung product, no matter how good it was, because this is a company that has no consideration for its customers after they have bought the goods,