Samsung has today confirmed the EX2F, a compact camera sporting an f/1.4 lens and built-in Wi-Fi technology.

The Smart camera’s f/1.4 Schneider-Kreuznach zoom includes a neutral density filter and carries a 24-80mm focal length.

Due to go on sale in the UK in early August, the EX2F boasts a 12-million-pixel 1/1.7in BSI CMOS sensor.

Armoury includes full manual control, full HD movie option and a 3in, AMOLED, swivelling screen.

Equivalent ISO sensitivity ranges from 80-3200, but this can be extended to 6400-12800.

The ‘F’ in the name denotes that the camera is Wi-Fi enabled, according to Samsung.

The EX2F, which will replace the Samsung EX1, is expected to cost around £430.

The EX1 features an f/1.8 lens.

  • Samsung EX2F compact camera

    Samsung EX2F compact camera is very lightweight and can be carried anywhere you want.Lens and sensor are very impressive. You can enjoy clicking high quality images and videos and can directly share on social networking sites or email to friends or family.

  • Roger Bradbury

    This camera doesn’t have a 24-80mm lens as you claim; it has a 5.2-17.2mm lens.

    This may well be the equivalent of a 24-80mm lens on a 35mm camera, but that’s a different thing altogether.

    There’s quite a few people out there who rely on what they read here to learn about the technical aspects of photography, and this sort of thing will only confuse them. Can you correct this please?