Ricoh has released a statement in response to a suggestion that Ricoh-branded cameras will disappear from 2013, following the firm's takeover of Pentax announced last year.

The statement came after a source close to Pentax told Amateur Photographer (AP): ‘I think there will still be a few cameras launched under the Ricoh brand until next year – so there will be Pentax and Ricoh.

‘There will still be some very high-end Ricoh products, and then next year…’

The source added that Ricoh is set to eventually disappear as a camera brand.

However, Ricoh has stoutly refuted the claim.

Kazunobu Saiki, general manager for Ricoh’s European camera business, told AP: ‘This is not true at all. We will provide the digital cameras to meet customer satisfaction – Ricoh-branded and Pentax-branded.’

Pentax UK’s public relations department declined to issue an official comment.

A spokesperson said: ‘I can confirm there are no public or official statements available from Pentax UK at this time.’

AP has learned that this summer will see the launch of the first Pentax cameras produced with Ricoh’s development input.

Ricoh’s takeover of Pentax was reported to be worth around £78m.

  • Agnes

    It is incredible how much stupid (and wrong) statements can be made on your website.
    Why should any of these brands disappear? Do you have so few news to publish that you have to concentrate on this? I’m a happy user of both Pentax and Ricoh cameras and I was the happiest photographer in the world when I got to know that both brands will merge and by this exchange technologies.
    One more “stupid” statement is the fact that Pentax products with Ricoh development will be introduced this summe. As you probably don’t know it takes one year to for a compact and 18 month for an SLR to be developped. It was announced early april that just now 100 engineers from Ricoh joined the Pentax team… and you expect a common product in few month? Non-sense.
    I think you should conentrate on real news instead of “fishing” and only write what your imagination tells you.

  • E.Jennings

    Ricoh please do not go I love all of my 23 Ricoh cameras and still use my FF 1s.

  • dick ranez

    Aren’t politics wonderful?
    If Pentax was such a strong brand, why did it need a financial rescue? It Ricoh had a wider range, it wouldn’t have “needed” Pentax. Why not
    combine the brands – Pencoh (?), Ritax (?) –
    and the r&d, marketing channels, executive overhead and advertising?
    Do that and you’ve still got a brand that’s in fifth or sixth or seventh place in camera sales.

  • Mick Kemsley

    Limited information but I expect that is all you have.

  • Tom Barry

    “However,Ricoh has stoutly refuted the claim.”

    No, it stoutly DISPUTED the claim. There’s a big difference.