Plans to ban all photography on Glasgowu2019s underground train system are set to be scrapped, according to reports.

Plans to outlaw all photography on Glasgow’s underground train system are set to be dropped, according to reports by the Herald Scotland and STV.

Last month Amateur Photographer (AP) revealed that, under proposed new byelaws, Glasgow Subway passengers will be told they must ‘not take photographs, or make video, audio or visual recordings on any part of the subway’.

The revelations sparked protest from photographers who responded to a consultation set up concerning the new byelaws.

Picture Our Subway, a campaign group backed by MSPs, described the U-turn as ‘great news’.

Also welcoming the apparent climbdown is Michael Pritchard, director general of the Royal Photographic Society.

Giving his initial reaction, Pritchard told AP: ‘This is excellent news. It was pretty indefensible.’

A spokesman for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport had yet to respond to our request for comment, but said a committee meeting is due to be held about the issue on Friday.

It is reported that, as on the London Underground, flash photography will not be allowed but other forms of photography will be permitted.


  • Richard

    Committees, boards, councils, yes the UK’rs LOVE bureaucracy!! The more people employed (often uselessly) in government, the better! Only when government is the largest employer, will the country be great!! P.S. None of them every met a ban or law they didn’t love.

  • Douglas Young

    How can Scotland be an open and fair society with this kind of nonsense. There are still people hiding behind desks with too little to do.

  • Dave Murray

    I understand why flas is not allowed on the underground, there is no justification for banning photography outright. Glad to see common sense has prevailed though.

    Glasgow subway passengers being told that they could not make audio recordings?????
    Are dictation machines replacing cameras as something to be feared by authority ?

  • Alan Clifford

    Well done Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.

    I don’t know if the ban on flash is the result of a scientifically verified problem but maybe they could be politely asked to look at that.