• breztech

    Last month, 4 rolls 120 medium format film and 2 rolls 35mm. My digital sat on shelf. Might as well sell it…lol.

  • foto2021

    Indeed so. When I have tried this, even with 5 frames/sec, I have missed the shot I wanted. I know many people who have also tried this, and failed. The only way is to wait for the “decisive moment” then press the shutter release. Once.

  • Joe Geronimo

    Four rolls of Agfa CT Precisa 100 slide film during fall color in New Hampshire.

  • Inquisitor_Cortez

    Currently I have Ilford Delta 400 in a Yashica D, Kodak Ektar in a Mamiya 645

  • argghhh

    I would agree with you, however, those that have never shot film don’t understand this as well… typically they go for the “machine-gun” approach

  • Amélien Bayle

    Currently shooting Ilford Pan 100 with a Nikon S2 😀

  • rafakoy

    I have a Yashica D with a roll of Trix 400, the second I shoot today. I also have a Nikon N90s with an AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D with a roll of Adox Silvermax in my bag.

  • Paul Slabbers

    Film and reversal film, I just bought a lot of Fuji Velvia.

  • Mary Ciesynski

    Yesterday, in a Nikon N2000 on a hike I shot some LegacyPro 100 black and white film.

  • JapanCameraHunter

    Today I shot one frame of Cinestill 400 BWXX. Last week I shot 10 rolls of Neopan 1600. I always keep a roll burning.

  • el davo

    i have a roll a week habit. sometimes i go on benders.

  • earl.dieta

    last night I shot some Kodak Gold 200, today I’m shooting a couple more and some Provia 100f

  • Nicklaus

    Yesterday. HP5+

  • Marcus Merrin

    I keep a Canon 5D mk III for underwater photography. For terrestrial shooting I’m strictly film. Average about 4-5 rolls a week.

  • Rahadyan Timoteo Sastrowardoyo

    I’m on the last two frames of a roll of Kodak ISO 400 color negative film in a Holga 120S adapted to shoot 35mm film. I’m also finishing up expired rolls of 110 film in a Minolta 110 SLR from the 70’s, and in a Kellogg’s 110 camera that was a premium.

  • Just today, Fuji Neopan Presto 400.

  • Pingu69

    Last week – medium format. Usually try to run 3 or 4 films a month.

  • Well, I just sold my last digital camera, a Canon 5DII… 100% film for now. Shoot with it every week. I just like it better.
    My first digital body was a 10D in 2003… My first film body was a Rebel in 1990.

  • foto2021

    Even with digital, if you have self-discipline you don’t have to shoot hundreds or thousands of images. I had an assignment yesterday, the brief required four shots of a building. I took 40 careful shots and selected the best 10, from which the client will choose the final four images.

    Had I been shooting film, I would probably have shot one 36-exposure roll. So no difference. It is all a matter of self-discipline and taking care to make every shot count.

  • Biggsy

    I always have at least one camera loaded with film – usually Fuji Xperia. Shooting with film makes you think carefully about what you take and use a bit of discipline that digital cameras with cards holding thousands of shots don’t require.

  • EmperorXenol

    Last week, and coincidentally it was Ilford HP5 400