• Martin Francis

    My specific interest in medium format would be in a large sensor and leaf shutter lens lineup. If Pentax addressed the latter, or Hassy/Phase/Leica were a little more aggressive in their pricing, I’d probably find a way of investing.

  • entoman

    I shoot full page spreads for books and magazines, and I find full-frame sensors provide more than adequate quality, even at ISO1600.

    Medium format may come in useful for landscape work, or fashion photography, or for certain extreme applications such as astrophotography. However, cameras with such large sensors are heavy and cumbersome, especially when used with telephoto, zoom or macro lenses, so are unsuitable for most other types of work.

    Although they would provide ultra-high resolution, and little or no noise at high ISO, I think that the many disadvantages (weight, handling, cost of lenses, huge file sizes requiring major computer upgrades, etc) far outweigh the advantages for the majority of users.