A man who was arrested last month on suspicion of taking indecent images of children at a bus station remains on bail as police analyse the suspectu2019s phone.

A 38-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of taking indecent photos of young girls at a bus station in Shrewsbury, Shropshire on 13 August.

Police say he was taking pictures of the children using a mobile phone.

Speaking today, a spokeswoman for West Mercia Police told Amateur Photographer: ‘He remains on police bail while enquiries continue.’

Police say the man’s phone has been sent away for high-tech analysis, which takes time to complete.

A member of the public initially reported the man to security staff.

Last month police appealed for the woman to contact them as the security officer involved did not take down her details.

However, today police said that the woman has not come forward.

The alleged offence occurred at around 3pm on 13 August.

  • Mike Williams

    It takes no time at all to discover recent images, so this sounds like a “fishing” expedition by the local police, who clearly don’t have anything to charge him with at present. Call me a cynical old fool, but this is going through the same force area which recently paid out £10,000 to a photographer taking images of …… a doorway (yes, it was a bank doorway, but it is architecturally significant) Perhaps this is another way of boosting one’s own income by appearing to photograph young girls, when in reality nothing was going on at all, but it does guarantee police involvement, with a significant chance of a payout!!