Canon has no plan to incorporate an electronic viewfinder (EVF) in any future EOS M compact system cameras (CSCs) and will not be publishing a u2018roadmapu2019 of upcoming lenses.

Richard Shepherd, senior product specialist for Consumer EOS at Canon Europe, said: ‘Customers are used to using smartphones and compacts. We are not seeing a requirement for EVFs in that area.’

Asked why Canon has not published a roadmap to give EOS M consumers confidence that future lenses will become available to develop their system, Shepherd replied that Canon’s extensive lens history suggests the company will bring out further lenses.

But, he explained that the type of lenses launched will be determined by consumer demand.

Shepherd was responding to an Amateur Photographer (AP) reader who posted questions to Canon via the magazine’s website forum earlier this week, using the online name P_Stoddart.

Shepherd was speaking to AP at photokina 2012 in Cologne, Germany.

  • raph

    Is he for real? This news is so bad it makes me suspect that an imposter is spreading malicious rumors.

  • frank cangialosi

    without an EVF they won’t need to produce many lenses as this will appeal only to point and shooters who want better image quality and likely won’t be into carrying different lenses. i’m glad i didn’t wait for this camera and bought a sony nex-7.

  • Roger Lush

    I cannot understand the concern over lenses when with the converter any Canon lens will fit the M

  • John Hufnagel

    Well, I guess I’ll be buying a Sony NEX 6 or 7 in that case.