Amateur Photographer Editor Damien Demolder is to leave the magazine as part of a restructure of photography magazines at publisher IPC Media.

The company is set to merge the editorial teams of Amateur Photographer (AP) and What Digital Camera (WDC), to create a single IPC Photo reviews team – believed to be the largest of its kind.

Nigel Atherton, current Editor of WDC and a former features editor of AP, has been appointed to lead IPC Photo, as Group Editor.

Nigel has vast experience – both as an editor and professional photographer – and previously spent seven years at AP.

He moved on to become Photography Editor at book publisher Rotovision, returning to IPC in 2002 to lead WDC.

Damien, who will leave the AP team on 29 November, said: ‘I am very sad to be leaving a magazine I love, but I hope to remain part of a UK photo industry I have lived, breathed and relished since the day I joined it.’

  • Anthony Polson

    Damien leaves a big hole that is going to be extremely difficult to fill.

    Damien is a photographer’s photographer, highly respected and extremely knowledgeable about the craft.

    No doubt his replacement is a good company man.

    I am very disappointed indeed to see Damien leave Amateur Photographer. His wisdom and wit encouraged me to buy many more copies of AP than I otherwise would. I wish him every success for the future and will buy copies of any magazine that he joins.

    Meanwhile, my purchases of AP in 2014 will be much reduced.

  • Gerry Parker

    I wish Nigel Atherton well in his new role but Damien has made a great contribution to AP during his tenure, broadening the scope of the magazine to include more articles on techniques that keep the interest of readers. Camera reviews can be interesting and useful but only reflect a small part of Photography, which is why I subscrive to AP and not WDC. Damien, we will miss you.

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  • Sally Protheroe

    Damian, sorry to see you go. You say you’ve enjoyed working at the A P and we have enjoyed your reviews. I think it’s important to keep taking pictures of your family as they’ll be enjoyed in the future. Reader – Sally

  • Angela Nicholson

    O Captain! My Captain!

  • Nilson

    IPC, if it ain’t broken, why mend it?

    By the sound of it, Mr Demolder, with all his contagious love for photography, has been kindly invited to leave for no apparent reason at all.

    As most AP readers who have grown addicted to his passionate and more-than-professional editorial line, I wonder if cost, other than common sense, was what actually prevailed in the end, for such a harsh, dubious decision.

    Good luck Mr Demolder on your next path.

  • Iain McLean

    I am very sorry to hear that damien Demolder is leaving AP. I think he’s been a good Editor–apart from keeping “What the Duck” in the magazine, and it’s a pity he’s leaving. I wish him every success in the future.

  • Andy Whiteman

    Sad day – thought he did a good job – we’ll see what happens now or how long AP will last before becoming merged with WDC….will review my subscription.

  • Geoff Pickford

    Seems a lot of words to say that Damien has been canned.

  • Ceegaar

    Yet another example of publishers cutting costs by amalagmating editorial jobs and making loyal employees redundant.
    Good luck Damien in your new endeavours.

  • A A Thompson

    It is sad news that Damien is being pushed out of AP.
    He was an excellent Editor and his comments were always interesting.

  • Kieran Dandy

    Good luck Damien. I have enjoyed all the years of reading this magazine, under your helm. Best wishes for the future. Kieran Dandy

  • Behram Kapadia

    Very sad at hearing of Damien Demolder’s departure from AP. He has been a very enthusiastic and hands-on editor with whom any reader can identify.
    If he joins another publication I may well swop from Amateur Photographer to follow him.

  • Phil

    Very sad news all round. I wish Damien the best for the future and his editorial style will be missed greatly, I’m certain. Nigel has big boots to fill.

  • Des Gardner

    He has been kicked out then, for a younger model, I dont really know the answer to that! Yes or no.

  • Paul Shepherd

    Damien has been a fantastic editor of AP. I only came to AP after ‘Photo Technique’ closed, on which Damien was then working. Damien has been a very successful leader of the AP team and maintained a splendid balance of articles to satisfy all photographers and styles. His enthusiasm for photography is without doubt and came over in the lively character of the magazine which catered for the high level enthusiast and those of us who aspire to improve.
    There are plenty of digital photo titles published but under Damien’s leadership both film and digital users were catered for, along with readers who used the latest kit as well as old timer cameras.
    I am sad that IPC have needed to ‘restructure’ its staff and even sadder that Damien will not be with you, a hackneyed phrase perhaps but Damien will be a hard act to follow.
    Together with the loss of Ivor Matanle’s regular contribution, I hope AP does not become just another digital photo magazine.