A self-taught photographer who witnessed his fatheru2019s suicide has spoken of how photography has helped him overcome years of depression.

Paul has just launched a fine-art printing business called UKVPro [picture credit: Paul Grundy]

Paul Grundy, 46, who witnessed his father’s suicide when he was 17, said: ‘I have worked on and off in photography and imaging for more than 25 years and it has helped me get through some dark times.

‘Witnessing my father’s suicide obviously had a devastating and long-lasting effect on my life.

‘But I think imaging brings beauty and meaning into my life and helps me to focus on the positive aspects of the world around me.’

Paul said he hopes that talking about his experiences will help others going through something similar.

‘It is very difficult to see anything worthwhile during a particularly bad period but taking the time to really see the beauty around you helps enormously.’

The Northumberland-based photographer, whose first camera was a Russian-made Zenit, has just launched a fine-art printing business called UKVPro.

Paul, who lives in Morpeth, previously worked as a woodcarver and glass engraver.

He added: ‘Imaging for me is a solitary pursuit. It allows me to leave my mark on the world, produce something that is hopefully beautiful and worthwhile. It says, “I was here”.’

  • David Hamill

    Inspiring article and good luck to Paul with his new business.

  • Brian

    Having had similar things happen to myself to Paul I can totally agree with him that photography can help you cope with day to day life…. you never are 100% “cured” but i’d recommend it to anyone with illness.
    Interestingly too is I lost my father when I was nine years old and turned to art/sculpture/carving to keep myself busy and ended up as my career too!.
    Take care Paul and love your work

  • Dario Babik

    Good on you Paul.
    As someone who went thru the experience at my volatile age of 23 loosing my father to depression, I can identify with this.

    The genes are the genes and you cannot run away from that fact. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, bi-polar and OCD. Imagine a single person with these three disorders having to fight almost on daily basis while still trying to live ‘normal’ life and excel at my IT profession. It’s not easy as you can imagine, and being able to immerse yourself in photography to overcome those dark moments, helps a lot.

    Thanks again.