The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) has set up an analogue imaging group in response, it says, to a
‘renaissance’ in film photography.

[Photo credit: Stephen Spencer Smith]

The new photography group says the move is in response to the medium still being widely taught in colleges and universities, and schools reopening their darkrooms, for example.

The formation was also prompted by the ‘significant level of response’ the RPS says it received – from members and non-members – to an RPS Journal article about the importance of film, and the creative potential of the traditional medium.

The group’s inaugural meeting is set to take place on Saturday 31 January, from 10.30am-4pm, at College Hall, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 7LD.

Attendance costs £7 for RPS members, and £10 for non-members.

The programme for the day includes photographing Lichfield Cathedral, and a talk about film and the darkroom.

For full details see the group’s website.

  • Viking9

    As a former pro who has returned to film photography, I can only agree with most of your comments. As for digital cameras being “wonderful”…??
    Yes, so long as you:…….
    Don’t use them in the rain.
    Don’t use them when temperatures are close to freezing.
    Don’t forget to fully charge them before you go out, just in case.
    Don’t mind the value of your camera plummeting after about 9 months when the same model is re-launched with an “X” or an “S” after its name.
    Don’t mind spending a four figure sum every few years for the “must have new model”
    My all mechanical Rolleiflex bought in 1979 and costing £179. goes on producing great pictures, in all weathers and no battery failures or depreciation to worry about.

  • entoman

    This is great news. As an older photographer who grew up with hand held meters, film, and completely manual cameras, I know that “learning the hard way” teaches you a great deal about exposure, lighting, composition, post-processing etc. Digital cameras are wonderful, both for professionals and the less technically-minded novices, but manual cameras and film make you a better photographer.