A photographer who won a u00a32,000 fine-art competition used a film camera from the 1970s and a lens made in the 1960s, it has emerged.

Picture credit: Michael Jackson

British photographer Mike Jackson triumphed at the Photo Democracy awards, a contest hosted by Chris Beetles Fine Photographs, a gallery in London.

Jackson said he used a Hasselblad 500 C/M medium-format camera with a 50mm lens to capture his image of Poppit Sands in Wales, an area he has studied since 2007.

Asked what he plans do with his £2,000 prize, the photographer told AP: ‘The prize money is going to buy a lot of film as well as a service for my old Hasselblad.

‘After six years on a sandy, salty, windy beach it certainly needs it.’

  • Nasir Hamid

    I hope this helps people realise that there’s no need to upgrade your camera every few years.

    The thing lost here is how beautiful this would look when printed on some fibre based paper in a darkroom. Long live film.

  • Philip

    As a long-time film user I find this inspiring. It is said that some photo contests won’t allow film-based imagery any longer.

    Film’s not dead.