A photographer has spoken of his devastation after losing more than u00a312,000 worth of camera gear in a burglary at his Dorset home.

Picture: A Nikon D800E, similar to the one stolen

Spencer Brown, a serious photo enthusiast from Bournemouth, is appealing for help in tracing the equipment, which included his treasured Nikon D800E (serial number: 6005813).

Spencer said it is not clear whether his insurance will cover the lost kit, which went missing in the early hours of 17 November 2012.

‘I have been so depressed and down since the loss of my gear,’ said Spencer, who had only just bought the D800E.

‘I feel like I have had my right arm cut off, as photography is my passion.’

The missing kit also includes a Nikon 45mm tilt/shift lens (s/n 206747); Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 (561490); Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8 (548208); Zeiss 21mm (15807723); Zeiss 35mm (15785533); and Zeiss 50mm (15882083).

Anyone who can help is urged to call Bournemouth Central Police Station on 01202 222 222, quoting crime reference number c/12/c/49540.

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  • Mike E

    I think the big loss here are the lenses. The camera body is certainly replaceable.

    I wouldn’t be that upset over the loss of a digital camera. It’s digital and certainly not rare and easily replaceable.

    And the biggest loss is the loss of privacy that comes with a break-in. Having been the victim of a break-in, you get the creeps knowing that an intruder has been in your home.

  • colin

    Well spencer i hope you get you camera equipment returned to you ,as your camera and lenses will not be easily replaced concidering the cost involved .
    So i hope someone has a conscience and gives it back to you ..

  • Patrick

    What he has to do is send the interpol all informaion and to all Pawnbrokers in the zone hi loss.
    However his insurance shall reemplace his kit without delay, so hi also shall sent the info to his government representant, they shall call the insurance agency to solved the insident loss.

  • Fox

    This is really unfortunate, but highlights the absolute necessity of specialist kit insurance.