A photographer who was banned by security guards from taking pictures of the Golden Wonder factory in Scunthorpe has uploaded a video of the entire incident to YouTube.

A photographer who was banned by security guards from taking pictures of the Golden Wonder factory in Scunthorpe has uploaded a video of the entire incident to YouTube.

‘I was stood on the road outside the site when a security officer approached,’ said the photographer who claims he was taking industrial photos of the local area as part of an ongoing project.

‘I switched my camera to video mode to record the encounter to protect both myself and the security guards from future false accusations,’ he wrote on visitscunthorpe.com, using the name ‘Hamst’.

During the confrontation, which took place on 17 January, the photographer makes clear that he is on a ‘public footpath’.

During the six-minute video a security guard is heard to say: ‘You are not allowed to take photos of their [Golden Wonder’s] company.’

Moments later the guard fetches a supervisor who tells the photographer: ‘You are breaking the law – taking photos of company buildings. You are not allowed to do that by law. It’s a private company – you are not allowed to take photos of it.’

The photographer was later ordered to delete any images he had taken and told, incorrectly it seems, that police had been called.

Tayto Group, which owns the Golden Wonder brand, declined to comment when approached by Amateur Photographer, instead referring us to the security company it hires to patrol the North Lincolnshire plant.

A spokesman for Kingdom Security Ltd, which is based in St Helens, Merseyside said: ‘We are not making any comment.’

The spokesman said he was waiting for an official response from Kingdom Security’s managing director and public relations department.

The video can be viewed HERE

  • Mark Stone

    YouTube have removed the video as it apparently violated their terms of service. Obviously sticking up for ones rights against a large company is considered, by YouTube, to be wrong.

  • Leigh Jepson

    I’ve done an SIA course (the security industry authority) that has to be done by law. I was ‘taught’ that photographers aren’t allowed to take shots of private stuff (even from public land) which of course I disagreed with.

    Unfortunately the instructor wasn’t having any of it – it’s not necessarily the fault of the security guard, it’s just what they are taught.

  • Bruce Baker-Johnson

    This video has been removed because “its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service”.

    No doubt this by threats of removing advertising from uTube by Golden Wonder or it’s associates.

  • Wonko The Sane

    From the link at the end of the article:-
    “This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

  • patrick david hunt

    Scunthorpe, the place where even worth the seagulls fly upside down,
    nothing worth
    sh****ng on !

  • Stuart Fawcett

    This vid is now removed by you tube as “removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.” I wonder what that was?

  • Tom Waugh

    That video seems to have been removed. Anywhere else to see it?

  • Paul Conrad

    We just make fun of and beat up the security guards here:


  • Stan

    I’m not impressed by either party to this incident. In fact I wonder if the photographer didn’t deliberately set out to cause an incident to get his “15 minutes of fame”
    I won’t bother watching the video.

  • Ru_Anderson

    link is dead video has been removed as it violates Youtubes terms of service. wonder what exactly happened? any suggestions how we could find out? Is this You tube being nice to goldenwonder or kingdom security? or is it a case of something in the video that violated the terms of service ? if one of the former then the bigger scandal here is that youtube removed it rather than the security guard being on doggy legal ground

  • Graham Austin

    Youtube have taken the clip down because it violates their rules – pah!

  • David Murray

    Security work is very poorly paid. As an old friend once said about thirty years ago: “pay peanuts, you get a monkey.”

  • mel

    what a rather silly and unskilled security officer to handle the situation in the way she did she should think her self lucky if she is still working for that security company and even luckier if shes still at that site