Following the success of its School of Photography, PermaJet has launched a new enterprise dedicated specifically to teaching photographic printing

Students compare notes on their printing work at the new PermaJet Print Academy

Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, PermaJet’s new Print Academy offers a number of in-depth courses on photographic printing as well as post-processing skills. Off-site courses are also available in Dumfries and North Wales.

Permajet made the decision to open a dedicated Print Academy after reviewing feedback from its School of Photography, which offers a number of casual courses on photographic processing.

Head of the Academy Louise Hill said that there had been a ‘substantial increase in people wanting to learn about how to get the very best from their images and printing devices’.

Courses available at the Academy include Digital Printing, Fine Art Digital Black & White printing, Colour Management, Photoshop for Photographers and Developing Your Lightroom Skills. Each costs £60.

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  • Pam Clarkson

    I went on their Digital Printing workshop when they were just doing the training schools and I could tell they were going to turn it in to a bigger thing. Really reccomended – great tuition and they’re really easy to get along with.