Pentax has unveiled the X-5, a bridge camera sporting a lens claimed to be capable of shooting up to a focal length of 4,174mm.

The X-5’s lens is designed to deliver the 35mm viewing angle equivalent of a 22.3-580mm zoom.

In a statement, Pentax claims: ‘This lens also has an Intelligent Zoom function, which extends the camera’s zoom coverage to approximately 187.2 times (for a focal length of 4,174mm in 35mm format) without compromising image quality.’

Powered by four AA batteries, the X-5 features a 16-million-pixel, back-illuminated, CMOS imaging sensor.

The X-5 is designed to shoot at up to 10 frames per second, for up to 30 images in a single burst, though it is not clear at what resolution this is.

Features also include a 1cm macro mode, a tilting 3in (460,000-dot resolution) LCD monitor and sensor-shift-type image stabilisation.

The built-in EVF has a 230,000-dot screen.

The X-5’s maximum equivalent ISO sensitivity is 6400.

Digital filter options include miniature and toy camera.

A Pentax UK spokeswoman told Amateur Photographer that the X-5 will be showcased at the photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany, next month.

A UK price and availability date are yet to be confirmed.

  • Tim Smith

    How does this ‘intelligent zoom’ work? It sounds like something out of Star Trek. If they said they could double the zoom with no loss of quality I would put it down to marketing…shall we say.. exageration but 4174mm! You could photograph the new mars rover with that, couldn’t you?

  • Joe Prete

    The Military has had lenses with this technology. I wonder what it’s going to cost in the consumer photographic market. Also, how we would hold the camera steady enough? I’d like to try, I know that!