Pentax has knocked u00a33,000 off the kit price of its 645D medium-format DSLR since the camera was launched in the UK less than two years ago.

The 645D body is now £6,299.99, while the 645D with a 55mm lens costs £6,999.99.

When it went on sale in the UK in December 2010, the 645D cost £8999.99 body only, and £9999.99 with a 55mm lens.

‘There’s never been a better time to buy,’ said Pentax Ricoh Imaging UK’s product co-ordinator Stephen Sanderson in an email.

Asked to explain the massive price drop, a company spokesperson said: ‘We want to offer customers quality products at competitive market prices.

‘The price reduction for the 645D medium-format camera reflects this ethos. The new price offers tremendous value for money.’

Plans to launch the 645D were first unveiled at Tokyo’s Photo Imaging Expo show in March 2005.

But plans to launch the camera were halted three years later, before being revived in 2009.

Earlier today, we reported a 10% fall in the value of the UK’s digital camera market.

  • Trevor Batchelor

    This step by Ricoh Pentax seems to be the logical way forward. The K-5 is a brilliant camera and its recent update to include better/faster autofocus means that they have one of the best aps-c format cameras on the market(almost as good as full frame). Bringing the price down for the 645d now brings top notch medium format(better than full frame) in line with the best full frame offerings from Canon/Nikon.
    Does Ricoh Pentax now need to develop F/F? NO !

  • Scrooge

    It’s been these prices for weeks. If you look around you can get the body only for £6000.