Olympus has issued a response to media reports that it is in u2018final talksu2019 in reaching a tie-up with Sony.

Sony is poised to invest 50 billion yen (around £400m) in Olympus, reports Reuters, quoting an article in the Nikkei, a Japanese business newspaper.

However, Olympus head office in Tokyo today declined to comment, other than to state: ‘The company will immediately disclose any further important information when it comes to light.’

Meanwhile, Olympus has yet to respond to our request for confirmation on the contents of an interview given by the firm’s president, Hiroyuki Sasa, to journalists on Wednesday.

Sasa reportedly said that the company faces growing pressure to strike a capital tie-up with another company.  

  • Sam Chapman

    Well, I’m not surprised this has happened, I have always thought Olympus would have preferred a tie up with either Fuji or Sony. Zeiss saying they were producing m4/3rds compatible lenses kind of validated my guess since they have tie-ups with both these manufacturers. Whatever does happen, I hope it means that Olympus will survive the mess it had got into.

  • Iansky

    I thought they were looking at a Prtnership with Panasonic??