Amateur Photographer (AP) is investigating whether visitors to this summeru2019s Olympics will be banned from posting photos onto social networking websites.

Olympics stadiumAmateur Photographer (AP) is investigating whether visitors to this summer?s Olympics will be banned from posting photos onto social networking websites.

Photographer Peter Ruck contacted AP saying that Olympic organising committee Locog plans to ban the posting of images on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Conditions of entry for Olympic ticket holders suggest that rules for such restrictions may have already been decided.

The London 2012 conditions state: ?Images, video and sound recordings of the Games taken by a Ticket Holder cannot be used for any purpose other than for private and domestic purposes and a Ticket Holder may not license, broadcast or publish video and/or sound recordings, including on social networking websites and the internet more generally, and may not exploit images, video and/or sound recordings for commercial purposes under any circumstances, whether on the internet or otherwise, or make them available to third parties for commercial purposes.?

Ruck, a semi-retired freelance, blasted the rules as unenforceable.

He said there will be a ‘million and one’ people taking photos and video, whether by camera or mobile camera phone.

‘The sheer notion of trying to ban any form of photography, other than for viewing at home, is nonsensical ? it beggars belief.’

It is unclear whether social network still image postings class as ?private? use.

A Locog spokesman had yet to respond to AP?s urgent request for comment at the time of writing.

By agreeing to the conditions of entry, spectators automatically grant Olympic organisers the right to broadcast, publish and license any images taken of them watching the sports action.

  • Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D.

    I think “for commercial purposes” OK. But on the other hand, they are ridiculous. Why doesn’t everyone just blind themselves and just hear the noise of the event for fear of theft of remembering the venue…and relating it to someone online. God forbid you upload a better photo and scoop the media via a blog post for free? How much could you make, anyway…they stupidly spend millions on promotion, marketing licensing agreements with each other, when they could let bloggers do some of their promotion for free. This is tantamount to oligarchy/feudalism. Traditional media is failing and desperate and this is an example of the infantile wisdom these morons display. Photographers offer tremendous promotional value, FOR FREE!!!!! It is a big problem for marketers and publicity departments who charge huge money. Amateurs could do it for much less and undercut them and save traditional companies billions. One of these days, duh, some single digit IQ CEO will understand that he/she and the rest of their cronies have been destroying themselves with policies, that curtail the limitless possibilities of “getting the word out.” They are like the dog in the manager, furious at Google for being the richest media company in the world…furious they didn’t innovate like Google. Well, they were too busy being restrictive, inflexible, too busy circling the wagons instead of innovating and R and Ding themselves.

  • demoncat

    that ban is a mission impossible unless they are going to hire people to confiscate every camera and cell phone at the games including the athletes

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  • McNowel

    dude ur a joke. there isnt a god or all knowing being . the bible was cteared by man to do what i think is was a great idea(trick ppl into doing the right things for the wrong reason) there are no facts that prove the bible to be tru yet scientists have a SHITLOAD of them confirming science. the whole illuminati* thing is just a joke(just like the crop circles[ppl started them, and others around the world began to do it too]) u just dont have the mental capacity to comprehend science fact.

  • c.e.mitchell

    if this is true then it just goes to show what a bunch of idiots are running the show! and also have the rights to publish spectators,they cant have it one way.
    As stated how can they possibly control

  • Ohnostudio

    “It is unclear whether social network still image postings class as ‘private’ use.”

    Well let’s look at the case of the typical photog wannabee who has a blog pimping camera gear. if he’s drawing income from the blog via ads, referral links, it’s clearly a commercial site. Now if if he posts an Oly image with a long lens camera he managed to sneak in that the hundreds of credentialed photogs miraculously missed and the image becomes a traffic draw, it is, in essence, commercial use. Let’s go one further and imagine that a major outlet would want to license the image.

    Let the LOCOG guys parse that one. Nothing is going to stop the rabid bloggers.

  • Amaterasu Solar

    Wow. What if EVERYONE took pics and put them on the web? How would They go about prosecuting?

  • Darren Glanville

    In a world full of social networking, how are they going to even think about stopping people? Proving it would be hard enough.

    They must see that it is free advertising for them about the events and the Olympics in general. Like all companies, to get along with social networking, you’ve got to go along.

  • Anon
  • @AlbaresJM

    Yesterday (april 28th), after reading this post, I asked (via twitter) @london2012 and @olympics, what rights will I ingringe if i post a video or a photo on my twitter account while I´m at Olympic Stadium next summer as spectator.
    One day later, I´m still waiting for an answer… Maybe the answer is that posting a video or photo on twitter doesn´t infringe any right…
    If I get an answer I will keep you informed.

  • Mark Flett

    well you will fall for the whole Olympic Hype thing – as soon as something becomes so big, someone will claim ownership and start making rules. Me I will be happy not to see another word written or another picture showing anything about the flippin’ Olympic games as long as I live – move on for Gods sake

  • Billy

    Claiming blanket copyright on ANY image are we Olympic Oranisers? You are now beyond a joke, what next ban all cameras and smartphones from the event’s, as that is the only way you will achiive your aim.

  • Simon Pollock

    Wow… This I gotta see! *reaches for popcorn*

  • Don

    Finished your investigation yet?

    Took about 10 seconds and a bit of common sense….

  • Gary

    Mmmm. King Canute springs to mind.

  • David Entrican

    It looks like they’ve NOT banned posting IMAGES online, only sound and video.

    “a Ticket Holder may not license, broadcast or publish VIDEO and/or SOUND recordings, including on social networking websites”

    Let’s not get hysterical now 😉

  • Viktor

    Somehow this reminds me of a LOTR scene.
    (not quite properly quoting but something like:
    -“But you promised, you swore on the ticket you wouldn’t upload those pictures! Smeagol promised!”
    -“Smeagol LIED!”

    ps. from a londoner who doesn’t want (to go to) the olympics.

  • Libby

    Absolutely the funniest thing I have read all day.

  • Danny

    Why doesn’t this story surprise me,the farce continues.