BREAKING NEWS Samsung has denied that Nikon is buying its NX technology, saying that media reports are ‘not true’ in an official statement sent to Amateur Photographer magazine.


Yesterday, there was growing online speculation that Nikon had acquired Samsung’s NX camera technology in a move that would enable Nikon to make a professional compact system camera.

However, in a statement sent to Amateur Photographer (AP) this morning, a Samsung spokesperson said: ‘Media reports that Nikon is allegedly buying our NX technology are not true.’

A Nikon spokesperson yesterday told AP that the company does not comment on rumours, which originated from a report by website Mirrorless Rumors.

Last week, Samsung confirmed that it is set to phase out camera sales in the UK.

Samsung NX500 front

The news followed reports that Samsung planned to discontinue the NX1 in Europe.

Samsung’s move to pull out of the UK camera market comes less than a decade after it entered the global DSLR market.

Samsung first announced its own brand of DSLRs in January 2006 following a tie-up with historic camera maker Pentax.

Samsung’s first DSLR was the six-million-pixel GX-1S – its own version of the Pentax *ist DS2.

The 10MP Samsung GX-10 followed later that year, based on the Pentax K10D.
In 2009, Samsung used the PMA Show in the US as the launchpad for its NX series of hybrid-digital cameras.

The NX was billed as a new concept, offering the performance and image quality of a DSLR but with the portability and convenience of a compact point-and-shoot model.

But the South Korean giant has not announced an NX camera since the NX500 in February this year.

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  • ToastyFlake

    Or, in my case, I forked over a couple of thousand dollars for a brand new computer, only to discover Nikon’s software is not compatible with the latest OS and they are in no hurry to fix the situation as their solution on their website is to not upgrade your operating system.

    I’m pretty sure that USB 3 should be backward compatible with USB 2, you might want to check that and see if there is a solution on the web.

  • entoman

    … and I’m talking about Canon and Sony making life equally difficult:

    a) Canon 5Ds and 7DMkii have USB3, but my 2 year old computer only has USB2, so I can’t download files direct from either of these cameras, and 9 times out of 10 the computer fails to read RAW or JPEG files from these cameras via a card reader. Consequently I have to put the cards into an old 5DMkiii body and download from there.

    b) the relevant version of Canon’s DPP RAW converter doesn’t work with the most popular and widely used O/S in current use, i.e. Windows XP Pro. Neither do current versions of Photoshop or Lightroom.

    c) Canon RAW codecs for 5Ds and 7DMkii are not compatible with XP Pro.

    d) If I run a newer O/S like Windows 7 or 8 on my computer, most of my older (and very good) software is incompatible and will need to be replaced.

    This means that at the moment I have to use the in-camera RAW to JPEG converters of my 7DMkii and 5Ds, which allow a certain degree of pre-conversion exposure correction etc; but nowhere near the level of control provided by DPP, Photoshop or Lightroom.

    Or, I have to fork out several hundred quid for a new computer (which will almost certainly not be compatible with next years’s cameras!), when my current computer is perfectly fast enough to handle the 50MP RAW files from my 5Ds.

    I have the same compatibility issues with my Sony a6000.

  • ToastyFlake

    I’m talking about Nikon’s view NX and about every other Nikon software product not being compatible with Apple’s OS-X, leaving Nikon customers with current operating systems with no way to transfer, view, edit, or convert raw files to jpeg from Nikon. This has nothing to do with backward compatibility and everything to do with Nkon not being able or being unwilling to keep up with technology.

  • Happens even within the same linguistic community to not understand well and distort the original meaning.
    … 1:1?
    Often difficult, sometime a near to impossible match!

  • I find that generally rumors are counterproductive.

  • Honestly, interpreting anything is generally a waste of your valuable time and energy. If It’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. If and when it does, Samsung and Nikon will officially announce it and once we’re done throwing our fits, we will all adjust accordingly.

    Also, we have to be careful how we understand these statements as often their translated. Words and meanings from one language to another don’t always match up 1:1.

  • No, I’m speaking in general. I’ve worked for a lot of tech companies, and even some startups. It’s a common trait I see across the industry. I think it’s a personality trait. It’s a bit exhausting.

  • entoman

    I suppose the perfect solution would be for Ricoh to buy the NX1 design from Samsung and rebadge the cameras, much as they did with Pentax DSLRs. It’s just such a waste of a damned good design to throw the NX1 away.

  • entoman

    The total unwillingness of developers to make products backwards compatible is most definitely NOT restricted to Nikon or the the camera industry. It is an intrinsic part of the mentality of ALL developers.

    Manufacturers COULD specify backwards compatibility in their system requirements, but it results in software/firmware that is a lot more complex, heavier on resources and more expensive to produce.

    Also of course they want us to buy new cameras, computers, software etc, rather than continue using older ones.

    So, unfortunately, as end users, we are entirely at their mercy.

  • ToastyFlake

    The “lazy developers” you are talking about work for Nikon. It’s Nikon who can’t keep up with new operating systems on new PCs.

  • ToastyFlake

    Uh, I’m talking about Nikon’s own developers who are supposed to make their software so we can use their cameras. Nikon should have stuck with film if they couldn’t keep up with new operating systems of personal computers. They seem more and more like they are stuck in the past. I’m going to start selling off my extensive Nikon lens collection and move to a system from a company that can keep up with technology.

  • Well, who is satisfied, enjoys!

    I stopped (but not switched) with Canon cameras already six years ago with the 5DII, when I realized, with my tests, how limited were (and still are) compared to cameras with sensors Sony – also Toshiba, Nikon and recently Samsung. 
    For example, the Pentax K5 opened my eyes.
    Has proved to be far better than all Canon APS-C and FF.

    Some years before my experience with Canon, I have had the first DSRL by Fuji, S1 and S2, then the 14Mpx Kodak (very bad, shameful!) and then Nikon D300.
    But at that time of the Nikon D300, all the Nikons was lacking some usefull, for me essential features, that instead in Canon were present, so for 3 or 4 years I photographed with Canon cameras and lenses, also using adapters for Nikon lenses.

    Today I have almost every brand, except Leica and the medium format (still have large and medium format for film, but unused for 15 years or more).
    The switch from one brand to another does not create any difficulty to me, I am in frequent exercise with all. If I don’t use a camera of a certain brand for a while, can easly regain full confidence in a few minutes. Twenty, fifteen years ago was a switcher, from one brand to another, more times, selling the whole or part, I could not afford to do differently, but then I was very sorry for this, especially for the lenses that I had to sell, thinking or hoping that they probably would no longer be necessary for me in the future.

    I realize perfectly that most of the people is not like me, but you seem to forget that there are those who buy cameras for the first time, and before to do it, take a look and search for the best brand that can buy with the best quality offered in that moment.
    In a market of this kind to be too patient, or, rather, if you arrive late for months, you lose new customers.
    It’s not a good thing.

  • I have an NX1. Honestly, until 8k becomes the new standard, I’m good! I don’t need a Nixon, Canon to enjoy what I can enjoy right now. The NX1 is a remarkable camera, today and into tomorrow. Current lens systems are already pristine and responsive.

    I’m good!

  • As a person that works in the tech industry myself I can second this perception.

    A lot of developers work harder to supply their general laziness rather than exercising the time and effort to make new advances. As a UX designer I see this every day.

    It’s a strange phenomenon which I think is a common characteristic of these types of minds. They are a very pragmatic and highly skeptical bunch.

    Whilst us Designers generally have our heads in the clouds. 🙂 I can’t tell you how many great Designs get shot down on a daily basis simply because the guy with the pile of empty Mountain Dew cans doesn’t want to do the hard work to get us there. It’s the most challenging portion of my job.

  • entoman

    Yes, photographers start to panic when they see another brand release a camera with a better specification, but I think it’s much wiser to stick with one good brand, and just be patient.

    Swapping systems is very expensive. Even more importantly, if you switch brands you have to re-train yourself, because all the knobs, dials and menus will operate differently, so you’ll certainly miss shots that you would capture more successfully with a familiar camera.

    If I was a Nikon user, I’d stick with Nikon unless another brand offered things that were a very major advance and allowed me to do things that the current camera couldn’t handle.

    As it happens I’m a Canon user. I put my trust in the brand a long time ago, and have been rewarded with wonderful cameras – 5DMkiii, 7DMkii and 5Ds all proving that patience pays!

  • Exercising patience is often a useful exercise and a good sense for everyone, but here, in a market like this, I think could be a double-edged sword, could make to lose customers, especially in these hectic and difficult times.

  • Yes, Pentax also.
    A curious little detail, in my opinion reminiscent of the collaboration Samsung-Pentax.
    A few days ago I did a test: NX1 vs K3II.
    Release with 2 sec. delay for both cameras, pressed simultaneously.
    The type of beep beep is different but the rhythm is exactly the same, seems to hear a choir, with perfect synchronization.
    It not happens so with others brands, with a different cameras combinations.

    Rumors say that Canon is working on a new type of sensor, may be something similar to Foveon, but with different architecture.

  • entoman

    Definitely won’t be Apple.

    Unlikely to be Panasonic, Olympus or Fuji.

    I’d say Canon is strongest contender.

    I hope it’s Canon because I love using my Canon cameras, but I’m honest enough to admit that Canon probably have greater need than Nikon for what Samsung could offer.

    BUT, don’t dismiss Ricoh/Pentax – they are aiming high. They will very soon release their full frame pro model, which is likely to be a MUCH bigger challenge to Nikon and Canon than Sony have managed.

  • entoman

    It might try their patience a little bit but I don’t think it bothers Nikon.

    Nikon know they’ll ultimately get better results from Sony sensors than Sony do themselves, due to better software, and they realise that most people who are committed to the Nikon system are patient enough to wait.

  • … and then beyond that, “perhaps” everyone within Nikon would be more pleased to use new sensors, the latest generation, immediately, without having to be forced to wait months (usually at least 6) before they can be put on the market, because now Sony wants to be the first on the market, with its cameras and with its new sensors. As blame them?

  • Then again, it could be some company totally out of left field. Panasonic Toshiba, or Olympus? Fuji? Maybe Apple! OR, the simple answer might hold that Samsung feels overextended but not overwhelmed and is merely making a strategic retreat in order to rethink, redesign, and retool.

    As long as it isn’t Corel buying it, I’m good, I guess!

  • Yes, I wrote something similar on DPR. In my eyes, BOTH Samsung and Nikon look weaker than they did 4 days ago.

  • I have as the feeling that Samsung technology mean also something else, not sensors only, I think, but I’m not sure …

  • entoman

    Surely it has to be Canon or Ricoh that is doing the deal for Samsung technology?

    Sony have just finalised buying the Toshiba sensor business. Nikon use Sony sensors, so they’ll have Sony AND Toshiba technology. Why would they need to buy Samsung technology?

    Samsung have to pay 500million dollars to Apple for patent infringement, so no wonder they need to sell their digital camera business!

  • entoman

    It’s also an indication of how keen we are for Canon or Nikon to get the technology and put it into cameras that we will actually buy!

    Samsung’s loss may well prove to be everyone else’s gain.

  • entoman

    Yes I spotted that patent too. Interesting. I agree that Canon needs to get their ADCs on the sensor but that might be blocked by another patent, hence them exploring other options.

    Everyone wants a sensor with individual pixel reset, as it enables use of a global shutter and eliminates rolling shutter effect in video (ugh!.. video). Also it would enable extremely fast frame rates that would allow near-instantaneous multi-shot HDR and focus-stacking, among other things!

  • entoman

    As someone who has worked with computer scientists and system developers, I can tell you that the software compatibility problem is nothing to do with the policies of Nikon or any other manufacturer.

    It is entirely due to a total relectance on the part of software developers to even accept the need for backwards compatibilty. They’ll come up with all sorts of arguments relating to hardware compatibility, but it’s all a smokescreen for laziness.

    There is absolutely no reason why modern cameras and modern photo-editing software can’t be made compatible with older operating systems like XP, its just a question of coding.

  • Well the fact that the rumor took hold so quickly and frankly enthusiastically by the camera enthusiast crowd, is clear indication that Samsung needs to bolster the level of confidence and credibility as a camera manufacturer in the mind of the consumer.

  • I’d say this is a lot better as it came from Samsung itself:

    However, in a statement sent to Amateur Photographer (AP) this morning, a Samsung spokesperson said: ‘Media reports that Nikon is allegedly buying our NX technology are not true.’

    It says sent to, so I’m pretty sure it’s an e-mail. How else would it be sent to them? Via mail? Telegram?

  • ToastyFlake

    Nikon can’t even update their software to be compatible with modern operating systems. How are they going to buy anything?

  • Dave Haynie

    Well, there’s always that rumor about the Canon 1D X Mark II having a 15-stop sensor… the idea of Samsung being the provider of such a sensor isn’t completely insane. Or even of Samsung and Canon doing some kind of deeper technology deal.

    Samsung’s got a problem if they really want to challenge Sony on large camera sensors, and don’t have a large camera play of their own. They can throw money at the problem for awhile, as they clearly have been, but eventually, they need to sell product. Why not get involved with those already selling product better than they are?

  • Dave Haynie

    Samsung can honestly say that Nikon’s not buying “the NX” and still, Nikon could be buying sensors. Or buying into Samsung’s sensor works as a strategic partner with actual control over the direction of the sensor development. And yeah, Samsung could just be lying about it. I can see a scenario in which Nikon got the NX product line, but that’s always been the more far-fetched part of this rumor. The fact that Nikon’s dependent on Sony for sensors, and that Sony’s keeping their New Hotness to themselves, at least for awhile, is undeniable. That’s a long-term problem for Nikon.

  • You talk about accuracy!?
    Well at least you, be careful when writing, reread and clean up your annoying typos before posting!

  • nwcs

    True, but some speculate (and I’m one) that some of the rumors were dressed up to drive in clicks and web traffic. I have no idea if it’s true but certainly some rumor sites do this.

  • Michael Topham

    The statement was a response to a direct question about the reported Nikon/Samsung story. It was not a press release and the information came from Samsung UK’s press office. We were told this…

    “Samsung’s statement on this is as follows: Media reports that Nikon is allegedly buying our NX technology are not true.”

  • Vasile Stan

    Is strange how this rumors make sense. Let’s remember that ” there’s no smoke without fire” 🙂

  • animalsbybarry

    “Media reports are not true”
    Reports are never accurate…therefore a ststement that reports are not true does not mean thst Nikon has not acquired some part of Samsong…only that some of the exact detsils are not accurate.

  • entoman

    Yes, press statements are carefully worded.

    I’m hoping that Canon or Ricoh are the buyer/licencee, as it would provide stiffer competition for Nikon and Sony.

    Competition is what is needed to bring new technology to the marketplace more rapidly, and to stop prices spiralling. Which is good for all of us, regardless of brand preference.

  • Mistral75

    (1) could apply as well if the agreement between Samsung and Nikon consists in a licence agreement or a procurement contract. Nikon would then buy an access to the NX technology, not the technology per se.

    Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time Samsung are denying a rumour that is eventually confirmed by the turn of events. Remember Samsung UK denying their withdrawing from the camera business…

  • entoman

    Samsung’s statement could be interpreted in many ways.
    One or more of the following could be true:

    1 – Nikon have not bought NX technology.
    2 – Nikon have bought NX tecnology but we are not admitting it yet.
    3 – Canon or Sony or Ricoh have bought NX technology
    4 – NX cameras are discontinued but will be replaced with a new line
    5 – NX cameras didn’t sell, and we are only interested in making a quick buck

    My guess is that (3) and (5) both apply.

    One thing is for sure – Samsung aren’t just going to write off the NX experience and throw the technology away, they will either use it themselves (very unlikely, given the various statements)…

    …. or they will SELL it.

    The only real question, surely, is WHO is the buyer, if not Nikon?

  • TinusVerdino

    Nobody would bother to tell Samsung UK about this (they are not going to sell Nikon NX camera’s), so denial is a standard knee jerk reaction about such (stock sensitive) news.

  • Jay Birch

    Can you elaborate on the source of your official statement? Was this a press release, or did you ask a question, eg, “Are media reports true that Nikon is allegedly buying Samsung’s NX technology?” and they just replied no. As things stand, this is no better than a rumour either. We need context.

  • It’s a rumor site. So … no one seriously expects veracity from a rumour site.

  • Marco –

    If the rumor is not true, the site that started spreading it should be neglected.