A photographer left stunned when his image was stolen by a third party to win a Samsung photo competition says he has yet to receive an apology from the alleged culprit.

Indonesian photographer Hengki Koentjoro this week told Amateur Photographer (AP) that Instagram member ‘bogdhan’ has yet to say sorry for using a manipulated version of the image that went on to win a Samsung NX300 camera.

The controversy was reported in the media more than three weeks ago and it appears that the image remains on the accused Instagram member’s account.

Samsung stripped the bogus winner of the prize when it heard about the copyright theft.

Koentjoro, whose work was featured in AP last year, says he was only made aware of the matter via a tip-off from a friend.

The photo had been entered into the ‘MyCommute’ section of Samsung’s ‘Live in the moment’ competition during the summer.

AP has not received a response from ‘bogdhan’ since posting a request for comment on the account of the Instagram member a few weeks ago.

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    No apology for photographer in copyright scandal | Amateur Photographer
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  • Mike Elek

    The theft of images is very common on the Internet.

    A number of my photos of cameras on my site have been used by people to sell their cameras on eBay. Some have even lifted my descriptions, which included comments specific to my restored camera.

    EBay has never sided with me on any of my complaints, despite sending them URLs that point to my pages and my photos.

    The bottom line is that if you put it on the Internet, anyone can and will do what they wish with your photos, and there’s nothing you can do about it.