Nikon has unveiled plans to open a Nikon School in central London next month, to help photographers u2018learn, explore and maximise their creative potentialu2019.

The school, which will be a couple of minutes walk from Oxford Circus, will offer courses ‘from beginner to advanced’, as well as product specific training, according to Nikon.

The Nikon School is scheduled to open on 9 April.

It will be open weekdays from Tuesday-Friday. It will also allow Nikon to offer training on Saturdays.

Nikon says it will also use the venue to host workshops designed to inspire photographers.

Nikon UK general manager John Walshe said: ‘By creating a Nikon training facility in the heart of central London, we’re able to offer everyone increased access to the very latest Nikon equipment in a fantastic photographic environment.’

Last month, Nikon said it wanted to inspire more people to take up photography using DSLRs.

Speaking at the UK launch of the Nikon D7100, Walshe said that less than half as many consumers, 77 out of every 10,000, own a DSLR compared to Switzerland where 163 per 10,000 people have one.

Germany also beats the UK, with 113 DSLR owners per 10,000 people.

The Nikon School will be based at the Nikon Centre of Excellence which will aim to serve as a meeting point and technical support area for professional photographers who are members of the Nikon Professional Services group.

The Nikon School and Centre of Excellence will be located at 63-64 Margaret Street, London W1W 8SW.

To book a course, and claim a £20% discount until 1 May, visit

  • John McKie

    I think Nikon as well as others are too stuck in london try putting it up north number one better landscape number two less travel for most of us it’s like the 60s you want to be a rock star you have to travel to London when will they ever learn there is a market up north

  • Rob

    It’s great to see Nikon doing this. Unfortunately they current offer very little to excite photographers though as their courses are limited.
    I did ask them about potential new courses and they (Ness Baldwin) came back mentioning that they will have a professional studio to support studio and product photography, and they plan to have courses that go out and about shooting around London (CityScape?, Street? Urban photography?)
    Lets hope the new courses are ready soon!

  • Neil Barnett

    That’s good news for anyone living in the south of England!

    Just wonder if there may be any plans to bring this venture any further north?