Nikon has unveiled its first camera capable of shooting 4K video in the form of the Nikon 1 J5.

xyz1.webxyz.webIt appears the Nikon 1 J5 has joined other CSCs with a more retro appearance

The J5 compact system camera marks a departure from previous J models with its ‘retro’ look, and aims to give users greater manual control, akin to a DSLR, says the firm.

Targeted at ‘the new hobbyist’ rather than the ‘point-and-shoot’ J4 customer, Nikon says the J5 will cost £349.99 body only and £429.99 as a kit including a 10-30mm lens. A kit with a 30-110mm and 10-30mm lens is expected to cost £559.99.

Nikon has signalled its aim to attract the photography enthusiast by, for example, positioning a function button on the front (to which frequently used settings can be assigned) and adding a front grip for better control.

The J5 also provides easy access to PASM controls and the command dial, according to the firm.

A sports function has been added to the top dial that, when deployed, activates the sports-burst function.

The J5 boasts a 20 frames-per-second burst rate in continuous AF mode (60fps when focus is fixed).

Due in shops on 30 April, the J5 features a retro-look body that aims to engender a ‘classic photographic feel’.

The J5 will be the first Nikon to shoot 4K video (15p).

Its back-illuminated, 20.8MP, CX-format imaging sensor retains the 1in sensor size found in other Nikon 1 models.

The J4, a 10-month-old model that will be discontinued, features an 18.4MP sensor.

The J5 boasts a maximum ISO of 12,800.

Other features include a 171-point hybrid AF system (105-point phase detection), a 3in, 1.04-million-dot LCD touchscreen and a ‘super-fast’ Expeed 5A image processor.

Images are stored on a Micro SD card.

Users will be able to take 20.8MP stills when shooting in full HD video mode, while a time-lapse function – a first for a Nikon CSC – allows up to 300 photos to be made into a full HD movie.

A slow-motion HD movie function is capable of shooting at 120fps.

The J5 also includes in-camera image enhancement plus Wi-Fi and NFC wireless connectivity.

Flipping up the 180° touchscreen automatically activates the selfie mode.

xyzback.webThe Nikon 1 J5 is the first Nikon camera to feature 4K video

  • Oberoth

    20.8mp at 60fps? How big is the buffer?

    If the sensor can manage such an impressive output (equivalent to 4k at 150fps!) then it’s such an oversight not to offer 4k at 30fps, clearly just so they have something for the J6.

    And where the hell is an update to the AW1?!!

  • Andy Whiteman

    Nikon user through and through – No EVF no buy – could be a good little camera but….

  • Seven_Spades

    No viewfinder, won’t buy it.