Nikon has defended the UK price of its new retro-style DSLR, the Df, that was announced earlier this week.

In the UK, the Nikon Df costs £2,749.99 – including 20% VAT – for a kit including the new 50mm lens.

However, in the United States the same outfit officially costs $2,999.95 (around £1,866), before sales tax.

In New York City, for example, shops apply a sales tax of 8.875%.

When this is added to the $2,999.95 US price, the total outlay would be $3,266.20 – around £2,031 sterling at current exchange rates.

Asked to explain the price differential, Nikon UK’s general manager John Walshe told Amateur Photographer: ‘Many factors influence the final price of products in the UK – this includes but is not limited to tax, tariff, exchange rates and logistics.

‘It is important to note that Nikon RRPs are non-binding guidelines, and market dynamics will determine the actual price set by retailers.’

  • dornin

    what is the wholesale price

  • Ian Hall

    Shameful rip off.

  • Ollie Batts

    Proof of rip-off Britain yet again!

    Well done Nikon!!!

  • nick davidson

    tax , tariff ? exchange rates ,logistics ?
    market dynamics ? all posh gobbledygook for charging an extra £1,000.00 plus to british consumers , another rip off, i’ve already put black tape over the word nikon on my cameras . no , i won’t be buying one ,or any other nikon item with such a massive mark-up aimed at british consumers and no-one else !

  • S Sawyer

    It would be so nice to get a clear answer for once that the US base price is somewhere near the UK one before “tax, tariff, exchange rates and logistics” add so much extra on. Personally, if I feel exploited as a customer I simply will not purchase.

  • Mike Taylor

    Tosh! Nikon are jumping on the band wagon of regarding UK as Treasure Island. Shame on them. I hope it reflects in lower UK sales. I’d love one of these new cameras, but I ain’t paying their UK asking price – no way.

  • David Purton

    Yup…same old dollar/pound rip off for years….which is why I buy Nikon from Hong Kong. Brand new and a fraction of the price. Even cheaper these days to buy from the US.

  • Dr K Evans

    Crazy! Not anything worthy of an extra 900pounds. I wouldn’t dream of buying one knowing this.

  • Andy Whiteman

    Nikon grasping trying to screw its UK customers – vv stupid and greedy. Not a good move in hard times. Disappointing.

  • Mark Hawthorne

    Let’s be honest here. One of the biggest “factors” that influence pricing decisions on items like this is what the highest price the market will find acceptable.

    The UK has a history of being a market that is premium priced and the US is always lower priced. At $2999 I thought, “Oh wow that’s more than I thought, probably not for me” and then when the UK price was announced I actually laughed. at the difference with the US. Tax, tariffs and exchange rates? I don’t think so. Logistics? It’s honestly more costly to send to the UK. Really?

    We’ll vote with our wallets I guess. Love the concept, not the price.

  • Cliff Gorton

    Nikon Df. If this means that all those fabulous pre digital Nikkor lenses that many of us still have can be used on the Df it is great news. However Nikon really do need to do something about the price to make it attractive to amateurs; matching the USA price would be a good start, beating it would be better!

  • Joe

    It is rip off Britain once again. Just buy a ticket to New York and come back with a Df with change.

  • Henry Kline

    Nice camera but shame about the silly price and the silly excuses for the price. British consumers treated like mugs again

  • Hval

    John Walshe is totally correct in what he says, but it still does not explain the unacceptable price difference. Mr. Walshe avoided the question.

    Rip of Britain?

  • Kenny Wood

    Welcome to Rip Off Britain! Nikon are having a laugh with their pricing policy, particularly as DSLR’s aren’t exactly flying off the shelves at the moment. Still I’m sure the grey importers will help Nikon sell a few units, sadly Nikon UK won’t benefit from the sales.

  • diarbyrag

    Market Dynamics ! can’t beat ’em

  • Phil

    I’m afraid it’s always the same old story trotted out by international suppliers.
    Rip off Britain is still alive and strong, unfortunately.

  • Kyle Adams

    I heard it was going to cost around £2,000 – would have picked one up for that

  • Kyle Adams

    I heard/read rumours that it was going to be around £2,000 – probably would have got one at that price

  • Bob

    In other words, the British are stupid and we will charge what we can get away with.

  • Jay

    And what you can get away with!