Nikonu2019s D800 DSLR has won Camera of the Year at the Camera GP [Grand Prix] Japan 2012 Awards.

The award honours the best stills camera launched onto the Japanese market between 1 April 2011, and 31 March 2012.

The D800 also scooped the Readers Awards title, voted for via an online poll.

Organised by Japan’s Camera Journal Press Club, the awards give the country’s photography magazines the chance to vote on their favourite kit.

‘Equipped with a 36.3-million-pixel image sensor, the Nikon D800 is capable of superior resolution,’ said the judging panel, in a statement released by Nikon.

‘The number and variety of its advanced functions enable recording of both photos and movies with better image quality than ever before.

‘The D800 offers performance and functions equal to those of Nikon’s flagship model, at an affordable price.

‘The extremely durable body also supports use, even under the most severe photographic and environmental situations.’

The awards have been running since 1984.

  • John Ashford

    It is an extremely competitive market that Nikon is in, and over the years, we have often seen that Nikon trails the competition. But so often we also see recalls amongst those competitors where cameras failed to perform, either due to over-hype and under achievement or to software problems. Nikon has always waited until everything is tried and tested before the new model is introduced. So while this camera seems to be a giant leap forward, we can be sure that it was tested to death, and maybe if it was developed by one of their competitors, it would have been launched a year ago!

  • Gillmanphoto

    It seems ironic that a product the manufacturer is struggling to even deliver has won such an accolade. Pre-order times are running into months with no news right now. Surely it has to be ‘available’ to end users and surely manufacturers delivery performance should be a consideration? After all if it isn’t available how is it so good? Its just a concept to many right now.

  • Ray Smock

    By the time I get the D800 I ordered in February, Nikon will probably have a replacement model out. The company gets no Grand Prix for delivery.

  • Bob Brookfield

    I have had my D700 for over two years now, and I still love it, I would love to try the D800, but at the moment I still remain content with 12 megapixels.