Nikon has unveiled the D600 u2013 a sub-u00a32,000 full-frame DSLR targeted squarely at the high-end photography enthusiast market.


Billed as a ‘game-changer’, and unveiled just days ahead of photokina, the FX-format D600 boasts a new 24.3-million-pixel imaging sensor.

‘It shoots big and allows you to travel lighter,’ said Hiro Sebata, product manager for Professional Products at Nikon UK.

Housed in a magnesium-alloy body, the D600 weighs 760g (with battery) and has a resistance to dust and moisture on a par with the semi-professional D800, says Nikon.

The firm stresses that ‘affordability’ is key and has priced the camera at £1,955.99, body only.

Bid to ‘broaden’ full-frame appeal

Speaking at a press conference in London, Sebata said Nikon hopes to broaden the market by attracting those who may have been put off by the price of a full-frame camera in the past.

He claimed: ‘The D600 will open up new realms of photography for passionate photographers, particularly those looking to take the next step and enjoy the creative edge that comes with a full-frame sensor.’

The D600 is due to go on sale in the UK on 18 September, the opening day of the photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany.

It will sit below the £2,600 D800 and above the D300s in Nikon’s product line-up.

The D600’s sensor offers 14-bit A/D conversion and an ISO range of 100-6400, expandable to 50-25,600.

The DSLR borrows its 16-bit Expeed 3 engine from the flagship D4, in a bid to deliver benefits including faster image processing and an expanded dynamic range.

The D600’s maximum shooting burst rate is listed as 5.5 frames per second.

Firepower also includes a new 39-point AF module – the Multi-CAM4800 – claimed to deliver the AF sensitivity of the D4. The 39 points include nine cross-type sensors.

Nikon says it has re-engineered the AF algorithms to ‘significantly improve low-light acquisition sensitivity capabilities’ (detection down to -1EV).

In a move that should suit wildlife and sports photography, the

central sensors are compatible with an aperture of F/8 (33 compatible

with f/5.6-f/8).

The photographer can select AF modes without taking their eyes away from the viewfinder, according to Nikon.

AF coverage is selectable in 9, 21 and 39-point settings.

WU-1b wireless adapter

The D600 incorporates a 2,016-pixel RGB metering sensor and will be compatible with an optional WU-1b wireless adapter (£64.99), allowing photographers to view live images on a smartphone.

It is also expected to enable them to control camera functions from a smartphone.

At the time of writing, Nikon was waiting for Apple to approve its use on the iPhone and it was unclear whether it will be available for the Apple iPad.

The D600’s battery is built to last for 900 still images.

The camera will be available with an AF-S 24-85mm lens, in a kit priced £2,443.99.

An optional battery grip, the MB-D14, will cost £249.99.

To see the full spec click HERE

New prime lens for Nikon 1 system

Nikon is also poised to unleash a new prime lens for its Nikon 1 compact system cameras.

The 1 Nikkor 18.5mm f/1.8 (see below) is due out in November priced £179.99.

Designed to deliver the 35mm viewing angle equivalent of a 50mm lens, it will be available in black, white and silver-coloured versions.


  • Nick

    Why would you pay £2k for the D600, body only, when you can buy a D800 for around the same amount?


  • Paul G

    Such a shame that Nikon have lost the plot regaring pricing, at the same time they really launched market leading DSLRs. First the debacle with re-pricing the D800 and now the rather bizarre pricing of the D600 at negligibly less than the D800 can be bought for. I have lots of Nikon glass, but feel very badly let down by their pricing antics, which seem to show disdain for their customer base!

  • Nick

    Nikon have really failed to price this correctly. Body only for D600 is around £2,000. I believe this is way overpriced especially as you can buy a D800 for around the same!

  • Jon Barber

    None of the camera manufacturers get the point of a cheaper camera.
    What I want is an SLR digital Full frame not less than 12 million pixels & I want to pay less than £1.000.
    Which ever manufacturer manages this first will be the one I change to.
    My point being by now we should be up to our neck’s in full frame DSLR’s starting at the same price points as a medium range enthusiasts camera, not fast, not zillions of pixels but most of all affordable, that is where we should be with all DSLR camera’s. With the smaller sensors available only on compacts/mobiles etc but where are the sub £1k full frame DSLR’s? an idea like that could have saved Kodak!.

  • Caroline

    Brits are being asked to pay over the odds yet again.

    All predictions for this “consumer” half plastic bodied camera were far below what is being asked. Very high compared to the current cost of the recent d800, this hardly makes any sense…

  • Roger McGilvray

    My excitement at the release was rapidly dashed by the price. A UK retail price with a 50% increase over the US price is unfair to UK consumers. If I had £2000 I would buy a Canon 5D mkIII from one of the online retailers. At £1300 (US price) it is well within my range. I will just stick with the D7000 then.