A Nikon photography competition that dates back to 1969 has u2013 for the first time in its history u2013 banned images taken using film cameras.

The rules for the Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013 – which is open to photographers worldwide – state: ‘Scans of photographs taken with film cameras are not eligible.’

When the competition was last run two years ago it allowed photographers to submit scans of pictures originally captured using a 35mm, or an APS film camera.

Nikon still lists the F6 and FM10 film-based SLRs on its website.

Nikon UK has confirmed that the F6 is still a current product.

The Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013 is open to all photographers, professional and amateur.

The overall winner is set to scoop one million yen (nearly £8,000).

The latest contest, the 34th, will continue to accept images that have been retouched using image-editing software.

This year’s competition, launched in Japan on 25 October, adds a movie category.

A spokesperson for Nikon Europe, who is dealing with press enquiries about the competition, was not available for comment at the time of writing.

The rules do not immediately make clear the copyright status of images once entered into the contest.

Asked to clarify this, Nikon UK told us: ‘To confirm, entrants retain full copyright over their images – winners are credited whenever their image is used and Nikon has limited rights to use winning images in connection with the competition.’

The winners are due to be announced in April 2013.

  • Richard

    They will not get the benefit of my images then!

  • Don Edmondson

    Don’t understand this! If they had said no print or slide submission then (I guess) fair enough? But what is the difference between a scanned negative and a jpeg from a camera. My scanned images (from 35mm film) are 13.5 megapixel, so it can’t be that though obviously the quality, resolution and contrast are very dependent on the original negative. However, any poor quality scans would be treated in exactly the same way as poor quality images ex-camera? Hopefully you are going to chase Nikon for further clarification?

  • John Scriven

    There will always be a place for alternative ways of creating photographic images, eg the brave souls who still produce daguerreotypes, etc. Nikon appear to be very short-sighted if they concentrate on the means of production, rather than the image itself.

  • Paul Jenkin

    Absolutely disgraceful and shocking treatment of a huge sector of the photographic market. Does Nikon neither realise or care that it wouldn’t have existed had it not been for film? I bet Ilford, Fuji and Kodak are as disgusted as us film users are. Nikon, you should be ashamed – particularly as you are probably the last manufacturer of 35mm film cameras with the F6 and FG10.

  • Rune Bardun

    As someone said where this was discussed, “assholes”. Captures the Nikon decision-makers quite well.

    There is a whole world of photographers out there who still use film. And, daily, there are numerous digital users who join their brothers and sisters in the analog community.

  • Devara

    what. the. hell.

  • David Traynor

    No wonder no spokesman was available. What a ridiculous rule; and what a ridiculous principle.

  • Ektarplasm

    Well, film is superior.
    Dumbed-down digital is all about post capture manipulation.



  • Hans ter Horst

    Well, that really is too bad. It seems ridiculous to exclude scanned print or scanned negatives from the competition: if they are not good enough or the quality is not high enough, they’ll automatically won’t make the cut and who cares then.

    But then again, Nikon isn’t manufacturing film cameras anymore, so it seems to a requirement from their sales department 🙂

  • Neal


  • Matt

    This is suck.


  • Rob

    Boo! Is this contest for those who ride the short bus to school?

  • R Taylor

    A real shame, there seems to be a resurgence of film in Japan and its still a great experience to receive photos in prints that you hold in your hands. Shame on you Nikon, Canon here I come 🙂