Welcome to our new website. Please take a look around

Welcome to our new website.

The improved site features include news, reviews and techniques, plus a range of great competitions to celebrate our relaunch.

You can also use our galleries and forum to connect with other people on the site and share your thoughts and images.

If you do spot anything that looks like its not working, feel free to email us at ap_online@ipcmedia.com and let us know.

Enjoy the new site!

  • Arend Terreehorst

    This new website is another very important and welcome step forward for AP to stay on top of the world.
    I’ve been keeping an eye on AP ever since I discovered it in the late sixties and I’ve never been disappointed.

  • Martin Pulling

    So far I am really underwhelmed,

  • Tina Edwards

    I’m having difficulty accessing old reviews on your new website. Having checked your archives and there don’t appear to be any equipment reviews listed there. The only ones I have been able to access are your most recent ones.

    Also you seem to have done away with your ‘Next issue’ feature which I have always found useful on your other website.

  • John Harris

    Where`s Ogden and co gone?

  • Rafael Julio González Mesa

    A lot of thak’s.
    I think our web to should has green color, because good well people all world have hope The good world for them. Also, our team has nature photographer.
    This would see good aye for all and another people coming our web.

    Bad the way…Can I send to you my photo? Because Iwould like show in this web my work.

    Best Regard…Underwater Greetings

    Lic. Rafael.Kustó
    Director de TV and Photographer

  • Bernard Pearce

    Great site, but it appears to have difficuly operating on an iPad. Are you plannng to ugrade it to allow iPad access?

  • Andrew

    Uncluttered, then again, not enough to read, not enough to spark interest, the BBC did this because they were told not to be so popular, now they aren’t

  • Mike Durrans

    Great Site ,a vast improvement

  • Bill Wooldridge

    The world’s best photographic magazine should have the world’s best punctuation. The title of this article does not require a comma after the third word.

  • Shaun Walsh

    Far preferred the old site!

  • Roger Lush

    The new site looks reasonably good, but some of the content seems to be a tad out of date – latest issue being a December one and the Poll on ND filters is from a few weeks ago

  • Robert Albright

    A strongly enhanced website.Photshop techniques section is excellent. The only thing I miss is the dateline on Latest News.

  • Chris Pattison

    Content is still playing second fiddle to advertising. Shifting navigation to the top is a good move, as is the prominent review finder. The whole site still looks cramped though, as if the site is built around advertising and not content.
    http://www.popphoto.com/ strikes a better balance (but I don’t know what their ad revenue is like).

  • Ian Douglas

    A little too much advertising compared to editorial/ pictures. However it does have an open feel to it. It might be worth gaining views from tablet and laptop owners as their screen resolution (and therefore real estate) is somewhat limited compared to a graphics monitor (on which this was probably laid out and developed). Everything will be smaller with less resolution.

  • Ralph

    Over half the home page on advertising? and advertising SPI OTT chaps!
    What’s that blur in black and grey in the background? On my slow connection stays on screen for several seconds while pages load. Otherwise looks OK to me, bright and clear “look”, good menu and promising great content. I’d like you to keep the editors intro though, sometimes it’s all I have time to read.

  • Robin Law

    Seems a lot less cluttered and clearer. I like it but surely you have more lens reviews than the four you put up but it is a beta i must remember.

  • Mike Elek

    Having gone through a number of redesigns myself, this is never an easy process.

    Generally, I like the look of the beta site. I’ve been wondering for some time when you would redesign the site.

    I hope you don’t forget to display your poll, which I think is a nice feature..

    The navigation at the top is a big improvement over the left side, which had too many items to be effective.

    The links at the bottom work very well.

    I probably would urge for more content for the home page. But that shouldn’t be a problem, because home pages have a tendency to grow over time as editors decide to add different features.

    The one thing that you should add is a mobile app for the iPad and Android platforms.

    As a U.S. reader and former subscriber, I would definitely pay for a mobile app. I loved the print magazine subscription, but the cost became prohibitive to me.

    Finally, I think that most redesigns work well, as long as you have a plan going into it and you stay committed to the plan.

  • Mike Watson

    How about some exhibition details? Depending on where I key the word “exhibition” – I get a response of “0” or a list of none in current month,and 2 in previous month. If there is anything more comprehensive – then you are keeping it VERY well hidden.
    Can you not provide a listing similar to that which BJP used to provide (but sadly no longer do)?
    You probably do not reply to feedback, but perhaps you could make an exception here, and let me have a response.

  • Phil Cooper

    Ad banner at top doesn’t look right. Black background does it no favours….

  • Laurence Meade

    Technically it seems great.

    The colour schemes are just plain “gloomy”. Black backgrounds can look smart but a lot of cultures immediately think, “Funeral”. I was pulled up on this one when I first took sales literature to China.

    Might be worthwhile getting an artist to look the site over. It should not cause trouble if the style sheets are set up correctly.

    Good Luck

  • Sarah Graham-Taylor

    This certainly is brighter and looks less crowded than the present site. Much better (BETA?!)It offers more easily accessible information too. I like it!

  • Geoff Dodd

    How about an AP App? Or via iTunes?

  • Brian Waddell

    SAorry but I prefer the look of the old website.

  • Matthew Herring

    Site looks great chaps.

    One suggestion – under the reviews section, you can sort by the products’ rating. That’s excellent!

    One thing you can’t yet do however, which would be tremendously helpful, is group your search by product type (i.e. quickly sort all of the 50mm lenses by rating, or the 70-200s by rating). I just bought a 17-50, and it would’ve been great to see all the lenses of that type, and all the comparison score’s a mag like you has given them.

  • Malcolm Hardie (aka Olybacker)

    I’m sorry to say it looks a mess. I realise you want to identify with the magazine (which I also think is long overdue for a re-design) but too much SPI, too many IPC ads – and repeated thru’ the w/s (not just on the home page) are frankly irritating and distracting. Do you need double links to all the sections – who will bother to scroll down to use the ones at the bottom? I also think the black ground is dismal and too large – why not have a wider page with less need for scrolling/navigation? Why not put the ads and other tasters out into the black margin and keep the white ground for w/s ‘editorial’? By the way, I wasn’t able to see the new design thru’ the whole set of sections and found that in Competitions and Galleries, etc., I was back in the old style site. Is that a link fault or has the re-design not reached all the corners of the w/s?

  • Tony Greenfield

    Too much stuff about courses, If this is what it is I’ll never look again.

    Where is the description ofthe current edition?

  • Alan Harris

    Not much to distinguish it from other photo magazine sites.

  • Derek Manchee

    At first sight, this looks extreamly interesting, Plenty to look at and choose from

  • Doug Allan

    Looks Good!
    Quick and easy to access.
    Good info, easily worked through.
    Go for it.

  • Marc B.

    New design looks good – nice refresh job.

  • David Offord

    Pleas get the act in gear before putting it out to the public. Look at the mess you invite us to view as Latest Issue. It is embedded in an old file!!

  • Jacqui Jay Grafton

    To be honest, it looks to be more of a ‘bit of a re-shuffle’ rather than an innovative new design, which is what I expected.
    The width is a real drawback, it makes the whole thing look like a poor relative to most of the other photography magazine sites that are already out there; I had hoped it would be much more inter-active, as well.
    Sorry, guys, but it just doesn’t excite me.

  • Siuya

    Front end very good – well done all!

    Home page should boast how long magazine has been running me thinks 🙂

    Background image:
    Simple blue to White Gradient fill or whatever – quicker to load?

    Avatar space too wide on left – stops images of 800px being displayed on forum without scroll bars. Lots of complaints.

    Clunky Status Icons on left – much prefer SPI site ones.

    Quote boxes in posts:
    These need to be a tad darker blue (or use Blue Text (not Navy) on the blue tint)) so it shows up in Opera Mini (single column mode) for mobiles. I use my mobile a lot to check on posts.

    AP Gallery:
    Images uploaded to galleries increase by 150% in size. E.G. A size of 200Kb can increase to 527Kb – we have a 200Kb limit on forums so is causing a major problem.

    Appreciate your hard work 😀

    Many thanks

    Chris (Siuya) moderator on AP forums

  • Simon Ford

    Mostly negative feedback I’m afraid. This is more Screwfix Direct than AP.

    From a UX point of view the purpose of the site is clear: it’s primarily for users who want to find a product and read a review.

    The Find a Camera Review box is so dominant it’s easy to miss the tabbed site nav above it.

    Design-wise the editorial is subordinate to the advertising. So little real estate on the homepage is given over to editorial content, who would want to browse deeper?

    How many different fonts are you using? Restrict to one (suggest Helvetica or Verdana)There is an anti-aliasing issue on the bold headings.

    I’d question the whole direction of this site. To my mind it ought to be about balancing the art and techniques of photography with the undeniable attractiveness of kit. What I’m getting is CNET or Pocketlint with more ads and worse navigation.

  • Stefan Zientek

    I have a widescreen laptop. The advert and the top banner consumes about a third of the height of the screen which makes the content aspect of the page rather small. i suggest you slim down the banner and perhaps consider the positioning of the advert.

  • Lorraine Skipper

    from what I can see, it is a very clean and easy to use site, well done. I look forward to the final site

  • Paul Kelly

    The page loads quickly and is very easy to navigate.The graphics are clear and not overdone.Wish all sites were this good.

  • Roland Harries

    very promising, can’y wait !

  • Henrique Souto

    I like it. Very clean.