A man has been arrested on suspicion of taking 'prohibited photos' of children at a bus station.

A member of the public reported the 38-year-old to a security officer in Shrewsbury town centre on Monday, according to a statement issued by West Mercia Police today.


Police are appealing for the woman who spoke to the guard to contact them as the officer did not take down her details.

The arrested man, who has not been named, has been bailed while the matter is investigated.

For details see HERE.

AP will follow up this story in due course.

  • Jon

    Soon you will not be able to go out with a camera!

  • Martin

    Hmmmph. An actual arrest, and bail with conditions. Doesn’t sound like the usual overreaction we’re used to hearing about. *BUT*: “prohibited” photos of kids in a bus station? What on earth does that even mean?

  • Simon Taylor

    How can they be illegal pictures?

    Only if the children were naked I suppose?