Leica will next month release a special edition M to celebrate 60 years since the birth of the first M-system camera. It’s a digital camera without an LCD screen.

Created by Audi Design, the kit consists of a Leica M-P (Type 240) digital camera and a 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH lens.

There is no LCD screen and it only shoots raw DNG files, in a bid to ensure high quality images.

‘Working with the Leica M Edition intentionally demands the same care and attention as working with an analogue model,’ states Leica.

‘Only the sensor and entire electronics reflect the state of the art of contemporary camera technology’.’

A dial on the back allows photographers to alter ISO sensitivity. It has aperture priority and there is information displayed in the viewfinder, such as frames remaining and battery status. There will be 600 units worldwide.

In an interview with AP at Photokina, Leica Camera AG product manager Stefan Daniel explained the rationale behind the launch.

Daniel said it forces photographers to ‘think’ before they capture an image – stressing photography should be about ‘making’ pictures, rather than ‘taking’ them.

It is due to cost £12,000 when it debuts next month.

A few dozen units are expected to reach the UK.

[picture credits: Chris Cheesman, Andy Westlake]


  • dave ross

    I suppose that the next version will have no on/off switch, shutter button, or viewfinder, and cost at least double !

  • John

    I wonder how you charge it – direct USB probably.
    A beautiful concept but in many ways impracticable (not least on price). This could be a real winner for serious “photographers” of the old school if it was a reasonable price and if it was more practical to use – battery, memory card.

  • John

    Maybe it only has built in storage – if so, how much I wonder?

  • John

    Can you not change the card? If not, that would ruin an other wise lovely looking camera -albeit at the price of a small car.

  • Korhomme

    There’s a button near the shutter release which when pressed gives battery indication in the viewfinder.

    Some have suggested that a card format, or setting the EXIF for time and date, or updating the firmware could be done via a PC connection. The Leica M240 doesn’t have one of these (unless you use the handgrip).

    So an interesting concept (conceit), but…

    Anyway, I guess most of them will live untouched in bank vaults rather than actually being used.

    As format-in-camera is the generally recommended method, I’m just curious.

  • Kym Crowley

    Use the viewfinder I imagine

  • Richard Sibley

    Excellent point! I will try and ask.

    I guess they are expecting people to format using a computer… unless there is some sort of ‘hold this button down for 10secs’ procedure (?)

  • Korhomme

    How do you format the card?