A photography exhibition showcased on tens of thousands of outdoor screens across 22 countries has been hailed the largest ever.

The exhibition comprises 45 images chosen from 100,000 captured by amateur and professional photographers on 15 May as part of a Swedish project called ADay.org

Members of the public were tasked to document ‘what really lies close to us and how photography connects us’.

From today, A Day In The World is being simultaneously shown on 85,733 digital screens across the world, including the UK where it can been seen at mainline railway stations and locations such as Heathrow Airport.

‘The synchronised exhibition will kick off in the farthest eastern screen in Sydney, Australia and travel across the world until it reaches the most western in Las Vegas, USA,’ say organisers who expect the pictures to be seen by more than 46 million people over a 48-hour period.

For details, and to view other images submitted to the project, click HERE

  • Wajeha

    Jennie took the most wonderful piucrtes of my kids. It was the first time for a picture of all 3 of them together and my 3 year old was not very cooperative. I was so afraid that the pics would be really good of the older 2 but not so good of Harper due to her being whiney and fussy. When we got the proofs I was stunned, you would have never known that Harper was not a happy camper for the shoot. I loved them all and had a tough time with my ordering because they were all perfect. I felt like my kids personalities were captured perfectly!